Laura has some technical issues, so Producer John and Tony take the reins as the co-presenters of the Ready Up Podcast, asking the questions we all want to ask, but are sometimes a little shy about!

This episode the StarCraft twins (new name!) Duncan and Johnny join the ‘cast to talk about lots of things, but mostly about StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Current gaming

– Laura doesn’t say much, but is playing Black Ops 2: Multiplayer
– Duncan is Lego Lord of the Rings  – damnit is PLAYING Lego Lord of the Rings!
– Johnny really, really likes Planetside 2
– Tony is pleasantly surprised by the quality of Far Cry 3


– Tony bring us the scandal of Hitman Absolution on Facebook and we all shrug about over-reactions
– Duncan and Johnny take over with a StarCraft 101, and their glee at  finally getting a release date for the Heart of the Swarm expansion

We also discuss this episodes Big Question:

“What’s your best Christmas gaming memory?”

In amongst all of this there is the usual stuff and nonsense!

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