Laura and Tony take residence as the co-presenters of the Ready Up Podcast, providing a dynamic and passionate set of opinions and wit! This episode they’re joined by young Scott and new(ish) girl Carly.

Carly, being new(ish), gives a bit of background of who she is and what she’s about and we then dive into…

Current gaming

– Laura is all Halo 4 and talks about her Ass… Creed 3 enjoyment too!
– Carly talks about the end of the world. Well, one of them anyway, as FFXIV draws to a close with less of a bang and more of a WTF!
– Scott is still all XCOM’y but went back to SW: TOR as an experiment too. Is it worth it now the service is Free-to-play?
– Tony is all a-buzz about “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Burnout” or Need For Speed: Most Wanted as we all better know it!


– Tony lets us know that PS+ is now available for Vita and he’s pleasantly surprised with the results
– Laura reprises a story from a previous ‘cast about the WoW-playing candidate for US senator, and the good news that came there
– Carly is compelled to tell the world that Wii-U disks have nice soft rounded edges!
– Scott asks a couple of awkward questions about Peter Molyneux’s ‘social experiment’ Curiosity: What’s in the cube. Apparently it’s not money!

Plus some other bits and bobs which crop up in conversation!

We also discuss this episodes Big Question:

“Will you be buying a Wii-U?””

In amongst all of this there is the usual stuff and nonsense!

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  • Tony

    Funnily enough Punch Quest on iOS is now actually a paid app, exactly as Laura suggested it should be!