Stumped – XBLA Indie Games Edition

Hiya, my puzzling minions. It is I, Sarah-Lou, aka Sezzyboo, with another fun-filled Stumped blog. Now my impressive intro is out of the way, time for a quick story. It’s been two long months since I’ve been on my Xbox all because I didn’t buy a wireless connection thingy for my new home. And I thought, why buy the adaptor when I could get the latest Xbox with tasty Kinect goodness. So that is what I did. To celebrate my return to Xbox, I thought I’d delve into the treasure trove of puzzle delights the Indie Game scene has to offer. Here are the smattering of puzzle loving games which are only 80MS each.

Moe Mekuri 3

Puzzles and sexiness is a combination I didn’t think could exist, until I played Moe Mekuri 3. The game involves you turning over squared in a 4×4 grid in order to uncover the picture of anime girls in bikinis. You may wonder why I decided to play such a game and to a point I wondered the same thing until I heard the soundtrack. The J-pop funky beat had me hooked. I would dare anyone else to play the game and tell me they didn’t think the same. Once the beat got hold of me, I started playing and the game is tricky as hell. A decent game for all the J-pop fans and those who like to dribble at cute anime chicks.


Espionage on a small retro scale is always fun. Throw in some puzzles, robots and tranquilliser darts and you got yourself Spyleaks. You play as the greatest ever spy, Jules, no one has ever seen you, and your job is to stop evil in its tracks. By finding the intelligence the crime syndicate has you will stop their plans to take over Freedom City. The gameplay is simple with the A Button allowing you to interact with the environment and either D-pad or control stick moving Jules. With over 25 levels filled with action, angry guards and machines which shoot to kill, who wouldn’t have fun playing Spyleaks?



How easy do you think it will be to merge all the blobs that are scattered across a board? Easy? OK well try flexing your gaming muscles to Merger. The premise which seems easy enough, but gets a little bit tricky when you find out you can only merge the blobs if there is one square separating them. Yeah, that’s when the head-scratching really begins. With 60 levels which increase in difficulty and a Endless mode where you complete as many levels before the time runs out, you’ll have oodles of Merger hours.



I’m going to be honest now: I have no idea exactly how to win with this game. All I do know is that you control pairs of coloured blocks and you don’t want them to hit the top of the screen. They don’t seem to disappear if you have three or more same colours together but I have seen them go at random. When I’ve played this game it’s against the computer and I win, which is brilliant, but then I’m left scratching my head as to what exactly happened. It’s a first for me to play something where I have no clue to what is going on, but I can see serious potential with this game doing really well. All it needs is just a brief explanation to tell the audience how to clear those blocks and its sorted.

Well that’s all the tasty puzzle tips your gonna get from me today, I’m afraid. Are you already gagging for more? Well make sure you look out for my next blog. Until then, keep on puzzlin’!






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