Couch Co-op – Party On!

A party by definition has several people in attendance so it would only seem natural that somebody made games for such an occasion, gamers are all highly sociable right? So what are the best games to bust out when you have some friends around?

Now I don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t invite Wario to my party.

Whenever party games come to mind there is a set of games that stand head and shoulders above the rest: Mario Party Mario Kart. Not only did the god of platforming take a venture onto the racetrack but he also proved he can host a mean party with his many different iterations. Whether you want to take a spin on Rainbow Road or prove you were the best at shake the can. Mario has always been there with some good clean family fun. Well if you exclude shake the can, I don’t really know where they were trying to go with that one. But trust me when I say four grown men all furiously shaking a wii remote frantically rubbing their elbows together is not a good look.

Next up is the modern section of Rhythm games. In general they are all great fun to play. Be it with four awesome axe wielding buddies on Guitar Hero 5 or as a whole band in Lego Rock Band. With such an extensive back catalogue of titles and an ever growing online selection of songs to download, you will be able to tailor your very own set with all the quirky songs you can find. There really is something for everyone across the franchises and you can tackle it with a pad, drums, guitar or a mic. Just remember you can tolerate a bad drummer or bassist but nobody likes a bad singer.

There’s always one letting the team down.

There are also a great set of multiplayer mini-game type games you can find on many platforms too. These games stand out as true tests of skill; who is the fastest button masher in Fuzion Frenzy 2? Who is ready to pop in Viva Pinata: Party Animals? And who will reign supreme in Kung Fu Chaos? All of these games are short, casual and packed to the gills with hilarity. You can really break loose with a much younger and fresher set of happy gamers at a party with this lot.

And if none of the above tickle your fancy you can always break out Super Smash Bros. The four player party fist fight. Settle disputes and lay down the house rules as you wrap your fists with the Wiimote’s strap and get ready to settle the score without too much damage. Unless you let go of the remote and smash the TV. Then I would suggest you run.

Hell even dull parties deserve a game. So why not Monopoly? In fact take two! Although not strictly the game you set out to play when visiting friends, both Monopoly titles can prove enormous fun with the right crowd. The bartering, manipulating and backstabbing is at an all time high when you are all gathered round a screen trying to get a hotel on Mayfair. The mini-games are also great fun. It’s a sin there is no way of me robbing the bank to score an extra dime.

10 points to whomever can invent the best Monopoly drinking game.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and get everybody down to show you’re the best! There isn’t anything better than being able to rub salt in the wounds of the fallen as you snack on some crisps and beer in a crowded house. And if nobody shows up a pity party will always suffice.







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