Looking For Party – A Realm Reborn

So…you may have seen or heard about the Final Fantasy XIV reboot. The producers at Square Enix came together at Gamescom 2012 to finally show off what they have been working at behind the scenes of the current game.

And it is GORGEOUS!

I can honestly say I don’t think the end of the world has looked so good (I don’t think that sentence even made sense) and it looks to be a breath of fresh air the game so desperately needing. It seems strange to be this excited about the world coming to a big massive flaming fireball of an end, but that is just how it goes down…literally!

So what are we to expect from the new version of the game?

People who have stuck by the game from launch have been granted ‘Legacy’ account status, kind of reward for anyone who managed to live through the alpha testing and official release. The rewards, so far, are your own specially designed Chocobo by the creator of Final Fantasy: Tactics, all 8 character slots on your game opened without charge (each individual character comes at a real money cost on new accounts) and a lower monthly subscription as a thank you for your patience.

Good things do come to those who wait!

So what IS going to be new for the people of Eorzea?

Well to begin with, 2 new genders to the existing line up of races. That might read a little bit strange…and to be fair, it IS a bit strange! The all female Miqo’te catgirl race will finally have male character builds for all your adorable catboy needs. They look pretty cool from what I have seen in the concept art, only a few glimpses of them have been released so far but they could be very interesting!

And the Roegadyn race will feature females too. One of the story characters in the current game has a female Roegadyn – Merlwyb, so we have an idea what to expect here.

And from what has been discussed too, the opportunity to have a free ‘re-roll’ of your character. You can keep your present name but you may change your race and complete look, no matter how new or old to the game’s current build right now. This allows current players to revamp their existing characters without losing all their progress.

Now the part I have been stupidly excited about – LIMIT BREAKS! SHINY SHINY PEW PEW

Using the powers within your party, you can combine your attacks and round it up to make one BIG attack on the target. This is definitely going to strengthen team work and communications between players. We have been talking about it a lot in our linkshell and been trying to work out different job combinations to go along with certain attacks. Big shiny amazingly impressive looking attacks? Why, yes please!

New jobs too… but we don’t know much about them yet. The job of Summoner is coming into 2.0 (this is the name used when referring to the ‘update’ of the game, even tough it is going to be classed as a new game) where groups will have to hunt down the Primal creatures and once defeating them, obtain the ability to summon them into battles for a limited time. Currently the game has Ifrit and Garuda so we know they will be featured and there has been some concept art for Fenrir released too. So hopefully the usual suspects from previous Final Fantasy games will make an appearance.

Our current linkshell has been going through some major changes in the last few weeks and we are finally at the stage of creating a structure to facilitate the new game on the horizon. The leader and the officers have all been putting in time and effort to maintain the new additions to the group as well as aim for the more hardcore content the veterans are looking to play. The ideal outcome is to create a linkshell that is welcoming and helpful but more importantly makes you WANT to play.

It has been quite a lot to take in for what is essentially a ‘big’ update! But it does come with a price – the current world will be closed down and taken offline on November 1st this year whilst the changes take place. It looks to be offline for at least a month, so no levelling, no crafting, no Primal fights. It is back to normality for a month.

Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

I can’t believe I went there…







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