Tifa Lockhart


Name: Tifa Lockhart.

Age: 20.

First Encountered: Final Fantasy VII.

Best Bud: With a kind heart, Tifa has many friends. But Cloud would be her best buddy. They were not always close. When they were children, Tifa and Cloud hung around in different circles. It wasn’t untill they were older that Cloud realised how he felt for her, joining SOLDIER in order to impress her.

Job: Before she ran LOVELESS, Tifa was a tour guide in the Nibelheim mountains. This is where she first encountered Sephiroth and witnessed the death of her father, setting her on a path of revenge.

Likes: Cloud, flowers, her friends, helping them out with their problems and protecting those closest to her.

Dislikes: Sephiroth, Scarlet and bullies.

Personality Traits: Tifa puts up a tough, strong front but she does have emotions like any other woman. She isn’t clingy, but has a “mother hen” attitude towards the group. She can handle herself in a fight and will crush anyone who tries to hurt those she loves.

Favourite Food: Chocolate and beer! She may have a body of a goddess but Tifa seems like a lady who can hold her beer and dabble in plenty of junk food. With the fights she gets into, those calories quickly burn off!

Favourite Film: Tifa’s movie collection will consist of both martial arts films and the odd romantic one. Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee would be her top movie stars.

Favourite Book: Anything that can help enhance her fighting abilities would be ideal and maybe the odd romance novel to help her escape the harsh world she lives in. However Tifa doesnt strike me as a “Fifty Shades of Grey” lady!

Favourite Game: Something involving beer, just to show the guys in the bar who’s boss. Beer pong, Russian Roulette, Rock, Paper, Scissors; anything to show how she can hold beer better then the rest of them.

How to get Tifa’s attention: Being able to be her knight in shining amour. Tifa is still a girly girl and would love nothing more then to be swept off her feet by someone who can protect her but also allow her to be a strong woman.

Tifa’s Dream Date: A day out at the Golden Saucer! What young lady wouldn’t enjoy betting on the chocobos, winning stuffed animals, drinking beer, kicking ass in the battle square and finishing the night off riding the gondola ride with a beautiful firework display in the background. Sounds like a fun night out!

Tifa as a Partner: Tifa would not cling to you 24/7. She would allow you to have your own life but picking up the phone and talking now and then wont hurt. Like other women Tifa does have feelings, jealousy, and she would not take rejection lightly! She has one mean slap, kick and punch! Do you really wanna go there? Dont mess her around.

Being popular with both men and women, she is a well drawn character, no pun intended. Being a mother figure and also a sex symbol is how Tifa is seen in game and reality. She isn’t clingy, is hard working, and can hold her own in a fight. She is a good, strong female character. Expressing her emotions can sometimes be difficult because she can be shy, so you rarely know how she feels. Tifa can identify and help others with their emotions but when it comes to her own, she doesn’t know how to express them. This young woman never puts herself first unless she is forced to.