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Ever heard people say that dogs look like their owners? I’ve certainly heard this from a few Labrador, German shepherd and golden retriever owners, but those of the bulldogs, chihuahuas and pugs always seem to be somewhat less vocal about the whole issue.

I’ve been playing my Xbox far more than any of my other consoles lately, so I’ve been exposed to quite a few Xbox Live avatars just recently. From this experience has come an astoundingly astute observation regarding the relationship between player and avatar which I can now share with you; one that echoes and even builds on the sentiments of the dog-owner axiom. To some of you it might come as a shock; to others it may be old news. Whatever your verdict, I’ve got to put it out there – profound things have to be verbalised in some way.

And this is it: I’ve noticed, okay, that some avatars look the spit of their owners, but that others don’t look very much like them at all.

Sceptical? Just take my own avatar, for example. I wouldn’t say that I looked very much like her, even when I had darker hair. I mean yeah, I may share the same friendly yet delicately mischievous expression from time to time and I do rock the shirt and tie look pretty hard, but if I bumped into her down the supermarket I’d be spared the distress that comes with recognising yourself in a universe where only one of you should reasonably exist.

You can put my observation to the test. Below is a list of avatar pictures (some Ready Up-related, some not) along with photos of their owners. Wait until you need to occupy your brain with something pointless, say, if you get stuck on the toilet one day, then try to match the two pictures together for each person. I’ve started you off with my photo and picture positioned next to each other.


Quiz: match the avatar to the person

A) This is me. I’ve been caught in the act of something, I’m not quite sure what.

1) My avatar’s just keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

2) Does this count as suspicious?

B) Graeme Boyd, Social Marketing Manager for Xbox EMEA, striking a good one.

C) Ready Up’s Mike capturing a rare moment of exuberance.

3) Kissing goodbye to his career in adventuring.

4) This guy’s confused at being made to look so silly in a blog featured on his own website.

D) Ready Up’s Tony, featured here spinning a plate.

E) Ready Up’s Kirsten looking perfect.

5) The inventor of visual censorship rests easy in his grave.

6) And you needed a stick, Tony?

F) My friend Joe looking hot like Pol Pot.

G) My friend Mete looking awesome.

7) I think his t-shirt relates to the haircut.

8) This guy looks the spit, aside from a dyslexic mole that’s moved to the other side of his face.

H) Ready Up’s Duncan. I feel obligated to offer this as a ‘create your own caption’ picture.

I) Ready Up’s Mark hoping you’ll get confused and call him up.

9) Gary Glitter?

10) Butter wouldn’t melt.

J) Ready Up’s Johnny enjoying a moment.

K) My friend Mark, taking this cause as seriously as one should.

11) Commando about to rock.

12) Arguably the coolest looking avatar in this blog.

L) Ready Up’s Dan spelling ‘peace’ backwards.

M) Ready Up’s Laura having her T.

13) This guy oozes cool; the guy eating the pill, I mean.

Lesson learnt: Xbox avatars can look uncannily like – or unlike – their owners.


Answers: A – 1, B – 3, C – 10, D – 2, E – 9, F – 8, G – 12, H – 13, I – 5, J – 11, K – 7, L – 4, M – 6







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  1. Duncan avatar

    That’s the photo you went with? Really? 😛

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