Arcana Heart 3 Game and Goodies Giveaway

Here at Ready Up towers we love fighting games and one of our all time favourites is Arcana Heart 3. Although often overlooked by gamers it scored a well deserved 9/10 when Paul reviewed it in August of last year, he had the following to say:

“Arcana Heart 3 is an example of excellence in every area. The characters are interesting, the aesthetics are sublime and gameplay is easy to pick up yet deep and customisable; something very few – if any – fighting games can boast… …a fighting game with solid online and extremely fun and often exhilarating gameplay it’s brilliant for newcomers and veterans alike.”

And I for one fully agree. The great news is that Arcana Heart 3 has just been released on the Xbox Live Games on Demand service, for the very reasonable price of £14.99 (I know, right?). To celebrate this relaunch we have teamed up with the game’s publisher, Zen United, to give away some wonderful things!

We have three prize packs to give away, each containing an Xbox Live Download Code for Arcana Heart 3, an adorable Poster of Aino, Saki and Weiss out shopping, a set of Art Cards and an extremely tasteful ergonomic Mei-Fang Mouse Mat  allowing you to rest your weary wrist upon her ample bosom. In fact it’s all the swag pictured here:

I know Mei-Fang looks upset but honestly she is totally cool with the wrist resting.

To be in with a chance of winning one of these quite stunning prize packs just answer the question below and submit your entry!

Closes 20th August 2012

In Arcana Heart 3, what does the Homing button do?

A) Summons a Pigeon.

B) Launches you towards your opponent.

C) Takes you back to the title screen.

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