John Marston

Name: John Marston.

Age: His actual age is never mentioned, but John looks like he is in his mid to late thirties.

First Encountered: Red Dead Redemption.

Best Bud: John doesnt really have friends or buddies. Those he seen as his close allies left him for dead after a robbery. He does form a close bond with Bonnie MacFarlane and her father.

Job: Before John was left for dead by his fellow comrades, he was a gang member and a gunslinger. John committed robberies, raids, murders, etc. Not a very nice gent at all. When we encounter John he helps Bonnie with her cattle and errands when he’s not out for revenge against those who wronged him.

Likes: Riding his horse into the sunset, a warm meal and a soft bed, his family and vengeance.

Dislikes: Being left for dead, being shot at, men who hurt women, and zombies. He hates those undead!

Personality Traits: John is just an normal man, no super powers. He is a great gunslinger and a family man. The two don’t go well together and this has made John a target. He wont turn down those who seek his help and wont stop until he has had his vengeance.

Favourite Food: Beef, chicken, biscuits, beans! And lots of coffee. Course they had their five a day vegetables too. I can see John being a sunday dinner man, with all the trimmings.

Favourite Film: Musicals! Of course not… good old fashion westerns are John’s favourite with Clint Eastwood and John Wayne being his two favourite cowboys. After a hard day of cattle herding and horse taming, John would probably like to watch something like “True Grit” or “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” to help him settle in for the evening.

Favourite Book: “Shane” by Jack Schaefer. A book about a mysterious man in black known only as Shane who has a troubled past and is mean with a pistol.

Favourite Game: Horseshoes! Such a fun pastime and a way to make some good money if you’ve got a good throwing arm on you. And of course Five Finger Fillet. If you dont mind losing your digits and cash, then this one is for you. Pity someone can’t introduce John to snakes and ladders!

How to get John’s attention: Being a damsel in distress can help. John cant ignore a lady in peril, so if someone has kidnapped you or got a gun to your head, then John is on his way to save you. Its much better than trying to kill him!

John’s Dream Date: Some good old horse riding, grabbing a beer in the local saloon and maybe getting a game of cards in. Dont expect this man to be a Casanova, he is an action man!

John as a Partner: John is very protective of his friends and family, so I can imagine him to be loyal to the ones who earn his trust. Not backstabbing John would greatly help the friendship/relationship and in return he would be a good amigo, being willing to help you out with any task.

John Marston is a man with a past who just wants a fresh start. We all have our demons and John is a man who can let those demons rule his life. Living in a time where law and order are difficult to maintain can take its toll on a man but John is determined to right those who wronged him. John is not a bad man but he is not the good guy. He is just a simple man who wants to put the past behind him and move onto the next chapter of his life. We all do things we regret in life and wish we could right them. It’s just in John’s case, he needs a gun and lots of ammo…