Looking For Party – A Little Bit Of Everything

The last few weeks have been extremely busy in Final Fantasy XIV. So much has been going on and all so quickly!

To begin with, I finally got all the combat jobs to 50 thus earning my Professionals achievement. The Paragon’s crown looks utterly ridiculous on the female Hyur build but c’est la vie. I earned it and I shall flaunt it! I hardly ever use it right now but when we start doing Garuda runs I suspect I may need it more.

L-R: Seth, Paru with daft looking crown and Tenatzen.

Some very good friends have been joining us in Eorzea from our previous adventures in Final Fantasy XI! First to come over was Aeria (Justin) and he has been steadily working away on both games. I wish his lovely lady Beth would come over and join us but they are restricted to one PC so no FFXIV escapades until they release the game on the PS3, hopefully early 2013. I love our chats on Skype, which usually spirals into utter nonsense!

Then there is Nabasheen (Robbie) and Shoro (Sammi) who have recently joined in the fun. Naba has been working his little Elezen socks off to hit Monk 50 in a matter of days and I am so very proud of him. It took a lot of hard work and determination to get there so quickly. In FFXI Naba was the monk I always wanted to be. He knew the job inside and out and was always extremely helpful when I went to him for advice. So being able to help him achieve his first level 50 job meant a lot to me.

Mind you, he hit level 50 murdering a crazy robot in one of the hardest zones in the game. We all were KO’d, laying about dead and he was punching the remaining slither of health off the enemy’s life bar. Only our Naba would hit max level in such a crazy fashion! My only regret is not taking screen caps but to be fair I was too busy trying to breathe between laughing and crying!

Finally we have three friends we know outside of the game – Seth (Steve) and Hanaken (Liz) and Chi Kenbu (Rich) have joined alongside us. They have been focusing hard on their jobs. Hana has managed her White Mage to 50 and Seth has three jobs all at max level. I was knocked sideways at how fast Seth is tearing through the hard work to achieve the level caps! Chi has been slogging away at all jobs to get them started and has been tampering about with crafts too, with the help of  Tenatzen.

Ten, Paru and Hana trying to look dynamic. Seth wandered off.

This has lead Ten and myself to talking about moving on to trying Garuda. We need a steady group to try this Primal fight out. Yeah, we have been holding back and she is kind of old news now but we had hoped to form a static group to tackle her and try win some shiny weapons and its starting to come together. The Linkshell we run in most evenings is filled with brilliant and friendly players who are all at varying stages of the game. There is something utterly satisfying about taking down a difficult enemy with friends and of course, there are the rewards at the end!

Not gonna lie, I get the best view of Garuda in the fight!

Speaking of rewards – I finally got my Ifrit claws! My beautiful, glowing claws, plucked straight off of his smug face (not really but he does have a smug face) and the damage output on them is horrific and I love it! I also had Paru craft again. I haven’t given up on Dinky, I just don’t think I want him to JUST be a crafter! I need to decide what I am going to do with him and his lovely mustache.

Didn’t think I would be crafting again. D:

Ten also had the idea of taking Seth, Hana and myself to map out all the teleport spots in Gridania – one of the three major cities in Eorzea. I shall not lie, we were running about forever in nothing but our underwear (all in game, of course) getting our backsides handed to us by level 60+ monsters. We did have good reason for the naked running – to prevent gear from being damaged by such severe beatings!

The surrounding areas are lethal in level difference but visually it is a truly beautiful part of the game. I am guessing that the area would have had playable if it were not being re-written with the 2.0 update. Felt like we were walking in an unfinished story. A very painful and frustrating unfinished story at that!

L-R: Ten, Seth, Paru and those delicious Ifrit Claws, Hana and a guy we wound up helping along the way!

And as I type there is an update being carried out on servers all across the game for the summer event and Skirmish, but more about that next time!







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