Sonnet the Hedgehog – Excuses

In which Sonnet’s dear friend Sonnetta happens upon a game that doesn’t agree with her. Unable to accept that she may be lacking in the required level of skill to participate, she manages to write down her thoughts instead of facing the possiblity of being confined to crippling mediocrity.

Pretention intention

A new kind of engine

Suspension and tension

An unhappy ending

Lack of instruction

And communication

Controller malfunction

With lag calibration

Eyes hurt and hands hurt

Neck clicks and legs twitch

Acceptance is fleeting

Move on to the next glitch

Failing and raging

Means energy’s aging

Excreted, depleted

Convincing, explaining

Chancers and slackers

And shoddy creators

Campers and hackers

Cheap level inflators

Unfair and unbalanced

Unsated, unchallenged

Over powered, beneath me

This game is too easy.







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  1. Johnny avatar

    It’s like I’m reading a transcript of you playing video games.

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