The Silent Protagonist – Pokémon Black and White Version 2

Hello all! Welcome to my new blog about Pokémon! At some point in our lives, we’ve ALL heard of it, whether we watched the anime (or still do), or if we played the numerous games that have been part of this franchise, I guarantee you live in a hole if you’ve not heard of it before. No offence. The aim of the game is to go about battling with creatures called Pokémon, get gym badges and be the number one in the world… same as usual.

The game is being developed my Game Freak, which produces games exclusively for Nintendo. They’ve made 27 games to date… and the only ones I recognise have “Pokémon” plastered on them. They’ve pretty much only made Pokémon games since 1996 when “Pokémon Red” and “Pokémon Blue” were released on the brick that was the Gameboy.

The story starts two years after that of Black and White, and it begins when the protagonist receives one of three starter Pokémon from Bianca. These starter Pokémon are the same elements as always, there is a choice between a grass type (Snivy), a fire type (Tepig) and a water type (Oshawott). Your rival will choose the Pokémon that your choice is weak against, so if you chose Snivy, your rival will choose Tepig. Be sure to look at which one you want, you’ll have it for the entire game!

Once you begin your quest, you will have to travel to various cities and towns across the region of Unova, and enter battles with gym leaders, who upon defeat will present you with a badge. Once you have collected 8 different badges, you can go enter the ultimate Pokémon battle against the “Elite Four”. These are the strongest Pokémon trainers in the world, and you need to beat the stuffing out of them. Once you do that, you must fight the Champion of the Pokémon League, and once you do beat him… you are the Champion.


However, the game is riddled with mini quests, which involves beating up “Team Plasma” (where did Team Rocket go anyway?), making a film with your Pokémon, a World Tournament, where you battle previous gym leaders, such as Misty and Brock.

The gameplay is identical to that of the previous titles in the series. You run around the screen, run through long grass, which initiates battles with wild Pokémon. Once you beat these poor beasts to a pulp, inflict various status effects on them, you can then throw “Pokéballs” to catch the beasts and make them do all the hard work in battle, while you put your feet up… in a manner of speaking.

They’ve added another 300 Pokémon to the roster which brings the grand total to 649 to date. However, not all of these are catchable in the game. In White and Black 2, there are a total of 300 Pokémon which you can catch.

As introduced in Gold and Silver, the time changes between day and night, and the seasons that were introduced in White and Black (version one) makes a return. In other words, Pokémon that you may come across during night-time in Spring, will not be the same Pokémon which you will find at the same time in another season.

It looks like every other Pokémon game ever released, with the exceptions of Pokémon Colosseum and XD Gales of Darkness.

Pokémon fans will be glad to know that come October – you’ll be able to get a brand new copy of the game, which will be released on the DS.

Next time, instead of looking towards games that will be released, I’ll be looking back at, one of my favourite Playstation games – “The Legend of Dragoon”

To Be Continued…







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