Elena Fisher

Name: Elena Fisher.

Age: Elena’s age is not mentioned in the Uncharted series, but perhaps late twenties, early thirties when we first meet her.

First Encountered: We first meet Elena in Uncharted: Eye of Indra, a motion comic story. We only see her briefly. She makes her first real appearance in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Best Bud: Either Nathan Drake or her camera. We dont know much about Elena or her previous life before Uncharted. So being her soul mate, Nathan must be her best bud. It’s the law of marriage!

Job: Elena is a journalist for American TV and foreign correspondent. Plus helping Nathan and Sully in their adventures.

Likes: Being on TV, travelling, being with Nathan, having her advice taken.

Dislikes: Being shot at, Chloe Frazer, being left behind on a story, people taking her hostage and people not listening to her.

Personality Traits: Elena is not your typical female character. Instead of being a damsel in distress, she becomes more of a Lara Croft model. She is very much like Drake and likes to get into the action of things. However she does have a habit of walking blindly into danger. Plus Elena has compassion and this is a big weakness, she tries to see the good in people. By the third game Elena has matured and brings more experience to the game. She proves to be a valuable ally.

Favourite Food: Because of her slim build, Elena is not a junk food addict. I see her as more of a salad eater and water drinker. Maybe sometimes being rebellious and having a cheeky diet soda. I can’t imagine her eating a burger or hot dog.

Favourite Film: Depending on her mood, something with a strong female lead, like “Alien”. But also something for a cozy little night in (bore Nathan to tears) with a cuddle up romance film like “You’ve Got Mail” or “Sleepless in Seattle.”.

Favourite Book: Travel books and gossip magazines would be perfect for Elena. Read up on the latest new trends and hot gossip in her magazines, whilst looking at and studying new locations she’ll visit. Always TRY and be prepared.

Favourite Game: I can imagine Elena being on a long trip with Nathan and Sully and starting a game of “I Spy”! Something tedious and very annoying. But to Elena, this would be fun and make the time go faster!

How to get Elena’s attention: Being a TV personality Elena deals with people demanding her attention 24/7 (yeah right!), so being interesting would be ideal. Adventurous, exciting and being handsome is always a bonus!

Elena’s Dream Date: Elena is a one man woman and that man is Nathan Drake. Taking her for a romantic meal, followed by an action film would be enough to impress this woman. Elena strikes me as a woman who doesn’t do cheap!

Elena as a Partner: Thoughtful, loving, caring, loyal, adventurous; Elena is great for any man. She will offer advice and hope it’s taken on board, but she wouldn’t nag you. Her feelings would be hurt if she was ignored, but she would respect you even more if you listened to what she had to say. Birthdays and anniversaries would never be forgotten and she would make you feel special.

It’s nice when we are offered a female character who doesn’t need rescuing constantly. Yes, Elena did need to be rescued quite a bit in the Uncharted series, but her character matured. She adapted to the life Drake lead and followed him in every step. It’s hard not to like her upbeat personality and she does have her cunning side. Hating Elena is impossible because she is the girl-next-door. No ditsy blonde or supermodel, Elena is a TV personality who gets up close and personal and is not afraid to go on adventures and explore. Disliking Elena is like disliking puppies! And you don’t hate puppies, do you?