Incoming – July’s Rhythm


Welcome back to our feature where we aim to highlight the new releases that that our readers might be interested in!

With the Olympics in full-swing, there’s not much to recommend on retail shelves other than the bizarrely wonderful Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (the belated “Rhythm Heaven Fever”) on the Nintendo Wii. It is a good month for 3DS owners, though, as both Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance arrive just in time for the release of the king-sized 3DS XL on the 28th of July. As exciting as a refreshed handheld is, I’m also looking forward to the enhanced Xbox Live Arcade port of Spelunky, the very same “roguelike platformer” I encouraged everyone to try on the PC three years ago. With added mechanics and all-new multiplayer modes, it should be interesting to see how it compares to its freeware cousin!

Date Game Platforms
4th July Endless Space PC
Spelunky Xbox Live Arcade
6th July Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Nintendo Wii
Dead Island (Game of the Year Edition) PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Nintendo 3DS
13th July Inversion PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
20th July Alien Breed Trilogy PlayStation 3
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Nintendo 3DS
27 July Pokémon Conquest Nintendo DS
Prototype 2 PC






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