World of Craft…craft

So I decided to make a new character.

Look at that 'tache, it is so regal!

I haven’t given up on Paru, quite the opposite really. This secondary avatar was made purely on the basis of crafting. And his sole purpose is for doing the jobs that Paru won’t have to! It is also nice to get away from the combat side of the game: chill out, chuck on some music or a video up, kick back and make stuff.

On Paru I was finding that crafting was really cramping up my inventory space. Holding all the stuff I needed to make items, plus the gear required to carry the jobs out meant there was precious little room.

You get two characterised retainers in the game that can hold items for you. They can either simply keep the items in safe holding for you or you can choose to have them sell those items in the market’s wards. You set the designated price and send them off to sell your wares.

Admittedly I am terrible at organisation – I have two retainers who hold a messy array of items I could gather and stack to piles of 99 and sell or items I simply never use and haven’t gotten round to selling yet. This plus all the gear I carry for all my current combat jobs meant I was struggling for space. Young Paru is a messy girl!

I fancied giving crafting a try once I watched Tenatzen working on mining. This gave me the perfect excuse to create a character I wouldn’t normally go for. So I decided upon the Lalafel race, tiny in height but big in cuteness!

And so Dinky Mcshortstuff was born! He is a bit of a joke character, curly moustache and booming deep voice, but I have grown rather attached to him. The way he runs from place to place is stupidly adorable!

Tenatzen practices his amateur neurosurgery on poor Dinky…

Crafting is a bit of a slog to level. You can either complete missions or orders given to you from the leve counter (leves are what you can use to complete solo levelling up but these can be done in parties for greater experience) or start using recipes or instructions already pre-set. There are a few good websites that have the complete lists of what you can make, breaking each one down to the individual item and when you can buy or collect it from.

So for example – Growth Formula Beta (oh behave) consists of one jellyfish umbrella, one quicksilver and one rock salt.

Using Alchemy (the skill I am currently levelling) I can combine them all to make the formula. If it is successful, I obtain the finished result but if I fail I lose all the ingredients and have to start again. As you gain levels you also gain abilities that will assist you in gaining more successful synthesis.

The greater chance of success the higher exp!

I did ask Tenatzen why he was now focusing on crafts and he tells me most of the crafts are required to make the newly previewed relic gear. These were previewed at the beginning of the month and are not yet released.

List of all the Relic weapons with lovely shiny pictures

They are nothing short of beautiful! The noises I made when I saw the Monk fists would drop all the dogs in the local area in seconds! He is focusing on the White Mage and the Paladin gear, possibly the Bard bow too. But all I can see are those utterly gorgeous fists…

He needs to have all his active crafts up to at least level 38 to be able to gather the materials, so that is his focus now. Once he has everything up to the requirements he will start working towards the weapons…once they are officially released! It looks like the next patch will contain these, so give or take a month.

Now back to turning fish into sand.

I kid you not!







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