Guybrush Threepwood

Name: Guybrush Treepwood.

Age: Guybrush is a teenager when we first meet him in Secret of Monkey Island. So by the latest Monkey Island instalment Guybrush is in his late twenties.

First Encountered: The Secret of Monkey Island (1990).

Best Bud: Guybrush has many friends! There’s Murray the evil skull, Wally, Meathook… that all? Okay maybe Guybrush isn’t the most popular pirate around but the two people who stick by him are his own lovely wife Elaine Marley and the mysterious Voodoo Lady.

Job: Being a pirate is one tough job but it brings many adventures and characters into Guybrush’s crazy life while he’s searching for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop, saving Elaine, defeating LeChuck in his latest form.

Likes: Elaine, rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, sword fighting, outwitting the dastardly LeChuck.

Dislikes: LeChuck, The Ghost pirate LeChuck, Zombie LeChuck, piranha poodles, being stranded on islands, people not taking him seriously or being ungrateful.

Personality Traits: When we first encounter Guybrush he has a childlike attitude and a friendly personality and we see the young pirate mature, eventually. His razor sharp wit never leaves him and he is always thinking outside the box. Over time, his confidence has also grown. However sometimes he can be rude towards others or sly, but you cant help but love Guybrush.

Favourite Food: Does grog count? All pirates drink grog. Yarr!

Favourite Film: Anything where the hero gets the girl, and of course features pirates, so the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series is a big hit with Guybrush. Pirates, wit, comedy, villains, heroes perfect. I’d also suggest “Cutthroat Island” and Guybrush would insist Matthew Modine’s character was based on him!

Favourite Book: Pirates don’t read books, yarr! But maybe when Guybrush was younger he read “Treasure Island” and this inspired him to take up the role of a pirate.

Favourite Game: Spitting, even though it’s a gross habit, is fun to pirates. Being manly and competing against fellow pirates about who can spit the furthest is fun for all ages! That and insult sword fighting, tackle your friends and foes with a sword and an insult or two. You fight like a cow!

How to get Guybrush’s attention: Be a pirate yourself and own a ship. But watch out he doesn’t try to rope you into one of his crazy adventures, otherwise you will end up on Monkey Island. Remember Carla and poor Otis?

Guybrush’s Dream Date: Guybrush only has eyes for his true love Elaine Marley. A typical date with Guybrush would be a sail around the Caribbean, plundering as you go and ending the night counting your pirate booty with a well earned grog. Don’t forget to try some insult sword fighting or throwing darts at the local SCUMM bar. Just don’t touch the Kudu Jerky pretzels!

Guybrush as a Partner: Elaine has been with Guybrush for many years and can always rely on him to save her from the evil LeChuck. This shows Guybrush does care deeply for his loved ones and will do anything in his power to protect them.

Guybrush has been a pirate hero since the early nineties and it is hard not to like him. Quick wit, good sword skills and the ability to talk himself out of tricky situations, Guybrush is the man you want rescuing you. Cause everyone else on Melee Island is a drunken, cowardly pirate who doesn’t own a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle! From being shot out of a cannon, to riding a log flume through a lava mountain, Guybrush is a unique character who really makes you wanna be a pirate!