It’s been three weeks since I told you I was going to write about this awesome series. But before I begin, I should tell you of two of my greatest loves in life: Disney and Final Fantasy. The Kingdom Heart series brings them both together… unfortunately without the awesome tunes.

10 years ago, we were blessed with “Kingdom Hearts” on the Playstation 2, and from the moment that the main menu appeared, I knew I had found my new favourite game… at the time. To this day I’ve never managed to find all 99 dalmatians from all of the worlds.

It was produced by Squaresoft back in the day – better known now as Square Enix. Over the years they have produced many notable games such as the infamous Final Fantasy series, Chocobo Racing games, Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together and other equally brilliant games.

The story once again follows Sora (the protagonist from the other mothership titles) and Riku one of Sora’s best friends from the Destiny Islands where they grew up. Yen Sid (The Sorcerer from Fantasia and awesomely “Disney” spelt backwards) organises a “Mark of Mastery” exam for both boys, which determines if either of them become full keyblade masters. The first time this “Mark of Mastery” exam is introduced is in the spin-off title called “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.” Yen Sid sends the boys to worlds destroyed by the Heartless – where they are disconnected from the other worlds and put in a state of “Deep Sleep.” Here, they must fight old enemies to confront the ones from the present. And see if they earn their own “Mark of Mastery.”

If you’re a fan of Disney you will be overrun by many familiar faces, both heroic and villainous. Maleficent is usually one of the big bads and I will be surprised if she doesn’t make an appearance one way or another, Genie is usually a Summon Spirit (if the summoning feature makes a comeback.) Quasimodo makes an appearance in this new game, along with all the other characters from the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Unfortunately, the cast of the Final Fantasy series doesn’t make an appearance this time and the characters from “The World Ends With You” make the appearance instead.

The Command Deck returns – seen previously in both “Birth by Sleep” and “Recoded.” However, obtaining abilities is unique as the game requires you to hunt creatures known as ‘Dream Eaters.’ Once you defeat them, you acquire their abilities and can set them, to enable you to use them.

The game also utilises the environment more than the other games, by pressing the “Y” button on the 3DS. This allows you to do special attacks and move along the world. The touch screen is also used in this game, and this allows you to pick up and throw objects and enemies, or simply to chain various attacks.

Unfortunately the Gummi ship isn’t around anymore, which is a shame because it was one of my favourite bits of Kingdom Hearts 2. They really improved on it from the original series.

This game is like every other Kingdom Hearts game, and in that respect I can’t think of any other game to compare it to other than itself.  But I do know that the series gets better and better with the more titles that it produces. The game is set to be released on the 20th July of this summer, and it is only available on the 3DS. Finally, another RPG to be released on the 3DS! Personally, I can’t wait!

Well, it’s time to take a break from Square Enix for a while (at least anyway!) Next time, I’ll be taking a look at the new “Paper Mario” game also set to be realeased on the 3DS and this summer as well. Looks like a good summer for games!

To be continued…