Sonnet The Hedgehog – The Buildings of Blockula

In which Sonnet explores the buildings he and his friends have built in the world of New Blockula.  Be they fortresses, excavations or floating apartment complexes, there’s a wealth of property to find in this bountiful place. To match the minimalist style of this environment, he has decided to succinctly summarise each creation in the form of several haikus.

Benjo wa doko desu ka?

Laura’s big castle.

The Fortress of Killertude.

Is safest of all.

Markie’s Sky Palace.

It floats and has no entrance.

What an eyesore, eh?

Lava/Water House.

Just like the man who made it,

Is very sexy.

Johnny’s Spaz Mansion.

Looks much better set on fire.

It has a mineshaft.

Higgeh’s groovy mine.

Subaqueous, glass ceiling:

What is not to like?

Tower of Chuckles.

The piece de resistance.

The best of the lot.






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