Name: Wheatley

Age: Unknown. Do robots age?

First Encountered: Portal 2.

Best Bud: Chell. Wheatley doesn’t have any other friends. Must be lonely being a robot monitor.

Job: Monitoring the Extended Relaxation Center at Aperture Science and briefly becoming the core of Aperture Science.

Likes: Chell. Power. Freedom.

Dislikes: GLaDOS. Being called a moron. “Smelly” humans.

Personality Traits: Wheatley can be scatterbrained sometimes but he is knowledgeable about using the mainframe and accessing door panels. He has a tendency to babble alot and talk to himself.

Favourite Food: We all know robots don’t eat but Wheatley seems like a ‘guy’ who would enjoy a cup of tea and a nice bacon buttie dripping with brown sauce! Im guessing this because British comedian Stephen Merchant provides his voice and all Brits enjoy tea.

Favourite Film: “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” directed by James Cameron. Wheatley would probably even shed a tear for Arnie at the end. Think we all did. Can robots cry?

Favourite Book: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick.

Favourite Game: Dungeons & Dragons. Wheatley might  enjoy becoming a strong warrior or a powerful sorcerer.

How to get Wheatley’s attention: Don’t call him names! No one likes that. Being positive and complementing this bot are sure ways to get his attention and ensure a long, lasting friendship.

Wheatley’s Dream Date: EVE from the movie WALL- E equipped with a laser gun. Wheatley would be impressed. These two would be able to fly through the galaxy together, scanning for new life and blasting anything that gets in their way.

Wheatley as a Partner: Wheatley does have a charm about him, but I don’t think he would be able to commit to a serious relationship because of his nature. He would probably be very paranoid and jumpy in a serious commitment

Wheatley is a unique and interesting character. He is  intelligent, but it hides behind a nervous, bumbling persona. Everyone loves Wheatley; you cant help but love him and laugh at his little rambles he often goes off on. He may not be a leader but he does have a fan base and rightly so. Who could not love Wheatley? *looks at GLaDOS* But we all need love and friendship, so Wheatley would value any company he comes across. He does apologize if ever makes mistakes and who can’t forgive that big blue eye looking back at you for forgiveness? All he needs is a great big hug and someone to cry with him while watching Terminator 2. And no sugar in his tea, please; plays havoc with the wiring.