Point and… help, there’s nowhere left to click!

We’ve seen an avalanche of steps in recent years to reinvent gaming into something new, but amongst all the shiny new tech I still have a soft spot for a genre that is having to work so damn hard to crawl back into the public attention. Yes, I’m talking about the humble point and click. Originally responsible for a whole whack of PC classics (The Dig, Monkey Island, Discworld, Simon the Sorcerer, Broken Sword, Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, Beneath a Steel Sky… ok, I’m going to abandon this list here. There’s just too many!) we did see the Point and Click have a brief resurgence on the 360. But I want more.

They don't make them like this anymore… except when they remaster.

A modern DS classic; well worth playing.

Sure, there’s a few games out there. The only problem is that barring Grey Matter, which is on my rental list and due anytime now, I’ve played all the worthwhile games, and I’m not being picky! I don’t really use my PC for gaming anymore, I’m a console only girl, but it’s reasons like this that I do lament my choice of platform. Telltale have done wonders for the cause. I’ve played all four Wallace and Gromit adventures, and both the Sam and Max episodes. Thanks to LucasArts I’ve replayed Monkey Island and finally got round to its sequel. Hell, I’ve even played all three CSI games and Sherlock Holmes, although I do set the limit at NCIS which scored a whopping 36/100 on Metacritic (there’s only so many bad reviews you can read before you have to abstain). Basically, once I receive Grey Matter, I’m done.

I look into the future releases and all I can find is the next Sherlock Holmes. It’s a damn good job I still have my humble DS to broaden my possibilities slightly, but is my love of the genre really going to force me back to PC gaming, or are we going to see another uprising? Come on guys, so many classics came out of this genre for a reason ‒ the mind-bending logic appeals to many a slightly kooky gamer and we must have it back! Until the console world catches up, I guess I’ll have to stock up on DS games, and hope that Grey Matter can scratch my point and clicking itch.







3 responses to “Point and… help, there’s nowhere left to click!”

  1. Kearnel avatar

    Get an iPad, the genre is thriving on it

  2. Bandage Head avatar
    Bandage Head

    300ish words on… what exactly? What are you saying? This article has no point. Why do your articles never have any point? There’s surely a whole heap of PnC games out there to talk about. Maybe you could, you know, play a load of them, research the genre a bit. Instead of moaning (I think, I’m still not really sure what you’re getting at with this one) about basically nothing just so you can get another weak article out the door. This isn’t even filler. Even by your standards.

  3. Laura avatar

    Dearest ‘Bandage Head’. This is not an article. It is a blog. Blogs are personal. Blogs are simply thoughts that people feel like writing down. You don’t have to read them if you dislike them. It’s rather strange that this would bother you so much. There are easier and more effective ways of getting Zoey’s attention y’know.

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