Game Over?

As the two week deadline for Game to change its fortunes looms, I wanted to look at the possible knock on effects the closure of Game could have.

Okay, so a brief overview of what’s happened. According to the Sunday Times, Game Group, which consists of Game and Gamestation, needs to source £180 million to pay creditors in order to avoid administration. Game Group, which consists of Game and Gamestation, suffered another blow when it was unable to stock Street Fighter X Tekken and Mass Effect 3. Game Group currently consists of 1,300 stores worldwide and 10,000 jobs which could be at stake.

While it is hard to imagine no more Game or Gamestation, many beloved stores have been taken from our highstreets after stumbling into financial trouble. As I brace myself for the possibility of what could come, I wanted to look at how the knock on effects the closure of Game could bring. With stores such as HMV, online retailers such as and even more supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys stocking games, we as consumers are spoilt for choices when looking for a good deal. Luckily for me, where I live in good ol’ Birmingham, it’s convenient for me to pop into the city centre and have a casual browse in my local Game, Gamestation and Computer Exchange. Now I would be a liar to say I only buy from game or electronic based stores, but I’ve got to say there is nothing sweeter than to go into a shop which is dedicated to my passion.

You always find an array of games in them whereas other stores only really stock that are currently popular. There is always someone who can talk to and recommend what you need or what game to play next. I know what I’ve said is not backed up by hard hitting facts, just my opinion. I do truly think it would be a sad day for those who love gaming to see Game go. There may be a glimmer of hope for GameGroup. It has been reported of a possible third party investor, OpCapita who also brought Comet, may be interested in giving the money the group needs. Although it’s not confirmed that this is a go ahead, fingers crossed Game will be able to push past this.







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    Ironredboy ii

    I won’t be sorry to see Game go, the stores have an uninviting feel to them, with often changing and confusing price points.

    Game also alienated themselves from the industry by over saturating the second hand games market, publishers eventually got wise to this and started including codes that could only be used with a new purchase, or spending more money and buying them online. Incidentally I don’t blame the publishers for this approach, after all Game were making £££ from resales, none of which was directed back to the source of the content. Yes, the second hand game market was great while it lasted but it doesn’t make it right. Downloadable content is now the way forward and has been for sometime, I just hope with Game and Gamestation no longer leeching the second hand market, the fact that DLC has smaller production costs, in time we may yet see game prices drop.

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