Santa Baby, A Fairly Got Achievement For Me

I have a confession to make that I’m not proud of. It does however lead to something I’m proud of, so I guess it balances out. I play Lips. You know, that random karaoke game that your family wants to play? Yep, I play it. And not occasionally. I’m not sure exactly how I got coerced into it but it is now a weekly activity in my household to belt out songs completely unsuitable for my voice despite a lack of alcohol. Somehow I decided it’s fun. In particular, it’s funny to watch the other half try to ingest his testicles to enable him to hit the high notes in Leona Lewis and Blondie songs (don’t worry, he gets me back. There’s just no way I can sing Stand by Me. With me jumping up and down octaves everywhere it just sounds absurd).

In Lips, as in most older games with a leaderboard, there are of course the achievements that frankly make you want to cry. In this case, it’s for getting one and then twenty songs scored within the top 1,000 in the world for a bronze cup. It’s all well and good trying to get to the top of a leaderboard within the first six months of a game being released, but when it’s been out for years your chances are startlingly reduced. And the main reason for this? Cheaters. Dirty rotten cheaters who have had the time to find and exploit a loophole to get a ridiculous score. Half the time you don’t even know how they do it, but there scores are so far adrift from the rest of the population that there really is no other alternative. In the case of Lips, people have come up with ideas such as turning the mic volume down, boosting the volume on the tv and simply holding the mic next to the speakers. Superb score and a clutch of medals everytime without singing a word. Wonderful if you want to cheat, but frustrating to hell if you want to get the ‘chieves legit.

It may say "cool" on the far right, but let's face it – it's really, really not.

Rant over. Now we get to the shameful yet celebratory section of my blog. At Christmas I decided it would be a good idea to buy the “Santa Baby” DLC. Picture sexy Santa outfits and a breathy voice and it’s slightly less lame than it sounds, honest. Ahem, anyway, long story short, I can sing it AND my partner can sing it (sure it’s in a gruff rock voice kinda way but it’s a good contrast). We can sing it so well that we got the fabled leaderboard and then some. Ranked 36th in the world at the time, I even got an avatar award for getting a gold medal. It just goes to show that cheaters do prosper, but eventually you can find one thing you’re still good enough to beat them at! Will I be going for the 20 leaderboard slots chieve? Not a chance, but there was some definite celebrating when we got the first one. It may not be the right time of year, and the game might be lame, but never underestimate the simple pleasures of singing an Xmas song with your loved one. It can be very rewarding!

It may not be December, but she'd freeze if it was…







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