The Xbox 360 Slim is a good enough looking console as it is.  It’s small and shapely with a sleek black gloss surface so dark that light cannot escape it. It’s not very personal though, and that’s where Calibur11 come in with their custom console vaults that let you use that console to show your love for your favourite gaming series. You like Mass Effect, don’t you?  Good, because we’ve got a gorgeous Mass Effect 3 console vault right here and we’re offering you the chance to win it in return for answering a simple question.

If you look to your right you’ll be able to see this beautiful piece of kit, a piece of loveliness that would cost you £69.99 ($89.99) were you to actually go out and buy one. Along with offering you the chance to have a console that looks like the luminescent male Shepard’s chest plate (no Femshep version for glowing Xbox breasts sadly) it comes with a cradle for your controller/headset on the back and a redeemable code for bonus items in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode.

It’s not all about fancy looks though, as Calibur11 vaults are designed to promote better airflow to your console to keep it nice and cool while you battle nasty alien robots.

What better time to pimp out your console than at the release of what is possibly the biggest game of the year? This will be a must-have for hardcore Mass Effect 3 fans who want to save the galaxy in style.

So how do you go about winning this marvellous piece of kit and become the envy of all your peers and target of local burglars? Simply answer this little question:  What is the name of the organisation that rebuilt the protagonist of Mass Effect 2?

A) Cerberus

B) The Alliance Navy

C) The NHS

Closes March 23rd 2012

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