Have you ever been so angry that you grew four extra arms and then punched someone in the finger so hard that all of those precious new arms fell off?

Me neither, but thanks to the magic of video games I now know just how that would feel.

I have to admit that when I first laid eyes on Asura’s Wrath I was less than interested. I usually count myself among the ranks of the ‘games as art’ ponces and I couldn’t imagine myself sitting down to a game of Asura’s Wrath with a glass of cognac. Basically I thought it looked well shit, innit.

He'll regret those when he's older.

But, this is one of those moments where I find myself happily proven wrong.  I really enjoyed the demo of Asura’s Wrath, almost purely because of the aforementioned inability to drink cognac while playing it.  It is utterly insane.

I’ve only played the first part of the demo but from what I’ve seen of Asura’s Wrath it’s like playing short bouts of Space Harrier broken up with watching the most mental anime you’ve seen in your life*. You have to understand that when I say mental I mean seriously mental.

I punched a god, who was bigger than the planet I was fighting him on, so hard and so many times on the very tip of his index finger that he turned into lava (or something) and exploded.

Just try and tell me you’ve done something like that before in a game.

*Granted I’m not a huge fan of anime