Dungeon Defenders

Long ago, in a fantastical land known as Etheria, which was far from peaceful, immortal evil beings known as “The Old Ones” plagued the land. Yet brave warriors stood against them, resulting in the demise of “The Old Ones.” However, instead of ultimately defeating them, the legendary heroes who fought them only managed to seal them in “Eternia Crystals.” Now called off on another quest, the heroes leave their children behind to look after the castle and do their chores. Whilst they clean, they get bored… understandably so. However, in the process, they knock off a sealed evil and must now act to save the castle.

Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Strategy action game, with the idea being that you have to protect your ‘Eternia Crystal’ by erecting defences unique to the character who you are  playing as. There are four playable characters you can choose from, with each character providing their own difficulty level. For instance, should you choose the Apprentice, you play the game on the ‘novice’ difficulty. The other characters are; Squire – with a ‘medium’ difficulty, Huntress – with a ‘veteran’ difficulty and a Monk – with the ‘master’ difficulty.

Each level starts with a “Defensive Phase” which allows you to construct preliminary defences before the first wave commences. After you sucessfully complete each wave, you return to the defensive phase to construct more defences to cope with the ever increasing number of enemies.

In order to install these defences, you need a certain amount of “Mana” and as you’d expect, the better the defence, the higher the Mana requirement. Defences range from simple barricades to Missile Towers.

A unique feature about this Tower Defence game is that your character is not a simple avatar that runs about constructing defences then hides away during battle. Your character, should you choose to do so, can run into the fray and participate in the battle, which in some circumstances can significantly turn the tide of the battle.

In order to unlock more defences, you need to increase the level of your chosen character.  In order to do this you need to kill a few enemies. As your character levels up as the game progresses, you receive a fixed number of “points”  to increase the stats of your character… or your defences. The choices you make at this point can alter the course of the battle. So what’s in a few points? Well, a point in your character’s stats increases the stats of your character (obviously!) but put a stat point into the constructed Defences column, and you increase the stats of all your weapons. The choice, is yours.

Unlike many other Tower Defence games I’ve played, enemies take a set path through the stage and you need to organise your defences accordingly. Not in Dungeon Defenders. The stage where the battle takes place is huge and the baddies take any route possible to get to your Eternia Crystal. So in order to play this game you need to have a good head for strategy. Luckily, you can plan ahead and place your defences accordingly as the game developers have very kindly indicated what kind and how many enemies will be coming through each entrance to the stage.

All in all, this is a fun game but if you’re playing by yourself it can get boring. Luckily, the developers thought about that too! Not only is there a local co-op option and online co-op option, but the game is co-op cross compatible from the Playstation 3 to the PC. How awesome is that!?







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    Paul Rooney

    Also, you can play multiplayer with people on PC!!! PS3XSteam cross-platform-play! love it. Great review Ben

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