Street Fighter X Tekken – Which Corner Will You Take?

The forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions. A long prophesied law of motion, near undeniable in this age of science, but no more, my friends. The time is coming ever closer when the historic greats of the Street Fighter universe shall go fist-to-fist with the young-blood from the Tekken galaxy. The date is set, March 9th 2012, but we, the people, should not have to wait until then, should we? I mean, sure, there is the Fight Club event happening this week up in Edinburgh (details at the bottom) where some of the best fighters from Ready Up and others will be there to accept your challenges, but is that really enough?

NO! Of course the answer is no, and luckily for us the guys over at Capcom agree with this unanimous cry, because they are now inviting ANYBODY to compete, head-to-head, in a three round campaign for greatness. Want to be involved? GOOD! It’s for charity as well, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to be exact. They aim to reduce suicide in men under 35, currently the biggest single cause of death for young men in the UK, so now you don’t have ANY excuse not to take part in this thing. So headphones off, hands on desk, pick your side, and listen up; here’s the breakdown of this campaign:

Round #1 – MUSIC! Addictive TV, you may have heard of them, are launching this campaign this month! So you’ve got no time to waste. Think you can produce the most epic, awesome tune ever heard by mankind? Yes? I don’t believe you! Prove it. Do it. Enter it. Then maybe we’ll talk. Until then keep your eyes and ear peeled on the website and get your music fingers limbering because you’re going to need to bring your A game to the table.

Round #2 – DANCING! Wait… What? Dancing, are you kidding me? NOPE. This isn’t just any old dancing; Fight Club regulars One Motion will be taking care of this puppy by breakdancing. Not just any break dancing, though, they’ll be showing off their best Street Fighter & Tekken moves incorporated into the dancing. Know you can do better? Get going then! Come up with the best moves, get labelled as the best. Simple as that.

Round #3 – ART! Oh, do we need to draw something for this one? NOPE. Easier than that. 30 exclusive character prints signed by the legendary producers Ono-san (Street Fighter) and Harada-san (Tekken) will be put up for charity auction in late January. If you want a piece of some of that action, just start saving and stay tuned. It’s basic, sure, but with only 30 prints the competition will be FIERCE! Plus, it’s for charity, and you know you want one. Hell, I want one, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about wanting it so bad you will fight, and bid, just to make sure somebody else who isn’t you doesn’t get it.

Kazuya Mishima is deathly allergic to Powerade, you know.

There’s a chance that, if you’re some sort of crazy person, none of this will interest you. Well, you may have heard of this thing called Fight Club (the one you can actually talk about). Well Ready Up will be hitting it hard this week on 14th January 2012 in Edinburgh at the The Caves, Niddry Street South.

Street Fight X Tekken will be on show (duh…) as well as Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, plus Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Capcom will also be giving away a Viewlix Arcade Cabinet converted to run PS3 games, some exclusive titles for your PS3/Xbox Street Fighter profiles, and some sweet art prints as well! I also hear that there will be free food and drink to boot.

If you want some of that action, then all you have to do is write why you really want to go on to a postcard and then… throw it in the bin because entry is FREE! Just be sure to not slack. The London event was insane and this event will likely be just as packed. Over 18’s only so we can all get drunk together, and if you see a Ready Up shirt then do step up and see if you can beat the-best-of-the-best at Marvel Vs. Capcom.

So gear up, get ready, and pick a corner. LET’S GET IT ON!



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  1. The Janitor avatar
    The Janitor

    Some of Scotlands best Fighting game players, will be attending the fight club too, so get down there if you wanna have some GG’s and hopefully not get salty, unless your on the Margaritas

  2. robin smith avatar

    i went to the londong fight club. which was brilliant. Barely got to touch sf x tekken though.

    On the subject of sf x tekken – aaaaaaaaaah. only a little while left to wait . Starting to get way more excited then a fully grown man should legally be allowed to get for this.

  3. Myung Dziewanowski avatar
    Myung Dziewanowski

    Man he makes it seems so effortless!!! great tutorial! thanks!

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