Achievement Unlocked – 100k Gamerscore

Yes, it’s finally happened. Almost six years since I first got my hands on a 360 I have crossed into the realm of the six figure gaming score. There’s no going back now, I have to admit how much of a videogame addict I really am. It wasn’t a major achievement that pushed me over, I didn’t work hard on it, but now it’s going to be etched in my mind, along with all my other gamerscore  milestones.

Ta-da! Impressed? You should be 😉

It’s funny the things you remember about achievements. I remember my first very clearly. I was running through Kameo: Elements of Power on launch date and suddenly “ker-plink!” and I was hooked. Of course, achievements were a lot harder back then (yes, it’s the same as school exams, and rationing etc.), and you would never expect to max a game. Still, I worked my butt off earning each and every one I could, in a time where big releases only happened every few months.

Then there was my first maxed game. I currently stand at 86 completions (40 retail titles, 46 XBLAs) but there’s a few that will always be memorable. Indeed, I was maxing games so early on that the first title that went into this category was Oblivion. Okay, it was closely followed by a Tony Hawk’s game that I had already maxed on the original Xbox and wanted to see the difference in generations, but that’s besides the point. I worked damned hard to max Oblivion and so it deserves to be remembered.

Yeah, okay. That's a lot of completions…

It’s funny how these things snowball as the achievements become easier. I remember two years after I got my 360, desperately trying to race a friend to the 10k mark. I hate to say it, but I was beaten. Work got too hectic and I just couldn’t put in the hours, but 2 years, one month and a smattering of days since the launch and I got that five figure score that had evaded me for so long.

But then there’s now. Less than four years since I tipped into a five figure score, and here I am at the big 100k. And what pushed me over? A simple ‘chieve in The Sims 3: Pets. I hate to think of the time that’s gone into my gamerscore but I’m happy in the knowledge that I don’t scorewhore. Everything on there is a game I’ve enjoyed, or at least attempted to enjoy. Sure there’s a couple of easier games on there, but personally I thoroughly enjoyed TMNT. And when it’s compared to the hours and hours I spent on various JRPGs I don’t think anyone can say my score isn’t well earned. I know it’s a small score compared to some (how they have a life is beyond me) and I know it’s mammoth compared to others (who probably wonder how I have a life!) but I’m proud of my gamerscore. I doubt I’ll ever reach another big milestone (unless the score continues into the next gen) so I’m happy to stand back and smile when I think of my gaming accomplishments.

Let the celebrations begin!






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  1. Lauren avatar

    Well done Zoey! You’re still second on the Top Gamerscores! Keep it up 😀 Dont know how long its going to take me to reach it lol, but well done!

  2. Lauren avatar

    Lol and I meant being second in a good way, Im not even on the list yet XD

  3. Ojotango avatar

    Hey, congrats! Must’ve missed it on TA. 2 Years for 10k, 5 for 100k – you’re speeding up – going for a million by 2014? 😛

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