Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Brady Guide

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is officially awesome and it’s become a mainstay in Team Ready Up’s online gaming sessions, another thing we love at Ready Up is the excellent game guides produced by Brady and their Modern Warfare 3 guide is no exception.

The single player campaign is obviously fully covered from start to finish but that’s not what what Modern Warfare is all about is it? It’s about leaderboards, KDRs and unlocking awesome stuff. The guide fully covers every weapon, attachment and all the new perks. Not sure what the new support kill streaks are about? That’s covered, having trouble finding your way around the new maps, also covered, why not take the guide to the toilet with you? There is always more to learn! Spring for the hardback limited edition and you’ll also get a very nice stand up flip-chart featuring all the multiplayer maps.

We’ve teamed up with Brady and have an copy of the Signature Series guide to give away on Twitter so keep an eye on our feed over the next few days and maybe you’ll be lucky!

Signature Series guide is available now for £12.99, with the Hardcover Limited Edition costing £19.99.







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