Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Ready Up Junior: Max

Age: 9

Tell us about the game.

Max: It’s not just Spyro you play as, there are 32 different characters to play. You don’t get them when you start the game. You can buy characters at Game and other game stores. The characters aren’t virtual, they’re plastic figures that come in a box. You’ve got to put them on this portal thing, which is a platform that plugs into your console. When you put them on the platform they light up and they show up on your screen right away, really quickly. There’s different elements and classes of characters, elves, tree things, fish men. They aren’t all dragons. They have different moves, like Stealth Elf, who can go invisible for a small amount of time and go behind enemies and attack them and she has these little bone daggers that she slashes around with.

The game is a 3D platformer, but you can’t jump in it, which is strange. Two people can play it but it’s just as good on your own. Another player can plug their controller in and put a Skylander on the portal and they’ll join the game. Only two people can play together though, not any more than that.

What was the best bit about the game?

Max: It’s so cool when you put down your Skylander on the platform. The animation when they appear in the game is awesome. The characters that come with the game aren’t as cool as some of the ones you can buy separately. My favourites are Flame Slinger and Stealth Elf.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Max: There’s nothing that’s bad in the game. It seems weird that you can’t jump but there’s no point in jumping or anywhere to jump to so it doesn’t matter.

What are your final thoughts on the game?

Max: It’s a very good game and I totally think there should be a sequel. It is much better than I was expecting. It’s definitely not hard to play, it’s very easy. With most games having it be easy is boring but this is really fun. It’s more of a kids game and I think most kids would like it as a Christmas present although it might be difficult for those not used to playing games to understand. Even though it’s for kids I think older gamers would still like it so they might want to buy it too.







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    Out of interest, how long is the game? Does it have much replay value? I’m tempted to look into this, but as it’s aimed at younger gamers I’m worried that it won’t have enough play value to cover the price.

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