Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack is the second game in the Serious Sam Indie Series, the first of which was Serious Sam: Double D. Kamikaze Attack is much more of a departure from the original Serious Sam games than Double D was, primarily because instead of playing as Sam, you’re now playing as his most fearsome adversary: the Headless Kamikaze! Kamikaze Attack is like Double D in that it’s 2D and that they have a similar art style, but that’s where the similarities end.

Kamikaze Attack gives you control over two things: jumping and hitting things. The game requires that you use these two abilities to manoeuvre through the many missiles, bombs, frogs and power-ups that it’ll throw at you, all while sending you hurtling towards Sam on auto-pilot. Having such a simple system in place, combined with levels that never take more than a few minutes to complete, means that the game never feels too complicated for the smartphone you’re playing it on or too arduous to play on your daily commute.

The levels themselves all play out very similarly; it’s a shame to say there’s never much variety beyond kicking things that’ll kill you or dodging things that’ll kill you. The only real variation is when a new thing (be it a grenade or a bomb) is added that you either have to dodge or kick, otherwise—you guessed it—it will kill you.

In terms of replayability, there’s plenty of it. Kamikaze Attack supports Openfeint and there are plenty of achievements to be gained from it, as well as leaderboards to top and friends’ scores to beat. If you’re not a fan of Openfeint, though, there’s still over 40 levels to beat, a bonus mission within each level and even after that you can still try and beat every level with a ‘Perfect’ rank. Still not enough? How about loads of endless score-attack challenges that you unlock along the way? There’s no shortage.

One thing I was surprised at as well was how well the game ran on my phone, and with such great-looking graphics too. my Android phone is far from being top of the range, yet it ran smoother than a bowl of custard on rollerskates. Or something. Anyway, even if you think your phone won’t run it, the truth is it probably will — not that this would be an issue for iOS users.







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