One Man And His Turret

Those of you who heard episode 15 of the Ready Up podcast will know that, along with a number of members of the team, I have been playing Deus Ex Human Revolution. It proved to be a very pleasant surprise for me, as it somehow slipped off my radar and I only took any notice of it a couple of weeks before launch, primarily due to Dean’s preview on this very site.

What a game, though, and right up the alley of someone like me who loves all things Splinter Cell. I played Deus Ex HR in a very sneaky way, always trying to remain unseen if at all possible, but progress was SLOW. We’re  talking a heavily loaded snail going up hill through treacle slow. It took me over an hour to navigate down two floors in the police station, primarily because I didn’t want to kill any policemen, and my stun gun had a very short range. I persevered, though, determined that I wouldn’t just let rip with my combat rifle unless it really was him or me. I carried around, for many hours, a whole series of inventory-filling weapons that I had never fired. In fact, I’m pretty sure I completed the game without ever firing the 10mm pistol, the shotgun, or the machine pistol.

Late in the game, though, I snapped, and went right off the reservation. After being seen trying to be sneaky far for times than I was comfortable with, I’d had enough. I found a handy turret guarding an outdoor section and commandeered it using one of my hacking perks. I already had the Geoff Capes arms perk, so I picked up my heavy turret buddy and carried it… through an entire level. Sure, I had to stop to let my energy regain a fair number of times, and the designers had clearly put in a set of very quick closing doors to try and prevent you taking the turret along, but I managed to prevail. Top tip, walk backwards through the door and you can wedge it with your body as you pick up the turret.

I’d come to a doorway into a huge room. Multilevel, with guards everywhere. It looked like it would be a living nightmare to sneak through. Opening the door, I hefted my turret, stuck it in the gap and waited around the corner.

Are you still there?

It was a massacre. There must have been more than 20 guards killed, and for most of the rest of the level I hardly saw another guard, even if I tripped an alarm, as the reinforcements had already been wiped out. I did see one, but Mr Turrety made short work of him once I stuck him through the door into the room he was in.

At the end of the level, Mr Turrety also provided some light comic relief and a fair degree of help. Can you remember the last time you were in a boss fight, and you were the one with a laser guided machine gun turret?






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    The Rook

    I killed people during the prologue part of the game and was denied my Pacifist achievement. Lesson learned and got it second time playing on the hardest difficulty. Enemies aren’t any tougher if you don’t engage them, and stealth knockouts are still easy. It was a very good game, look forward to the DLC.

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