Farewell to Black Ops

At the time of writing, I’ve just finished our usual Thursday evening multiplayer community session. In recent months the game of choice has defaulted to Call of Duty: Black Ops, a game whose writing is on the wall.

I was a little surprised by the level of emotion felt by a few of our regulars this evening. There’s this new one coming out, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it? The general consensus was that this evening would be the last time we’d all gather under one lobby to play the game, as by the time our next session comes around everyone will have purchased Gears of War 3. Shortly after that, of course, is the release of Modern Warfare 3 and I’m fairly certain, at least within the Ready Up community, that this will be the final nail in the coffin for Thursday Night Black Ops.

So I wanted to spare a thought for the way the game has literally taken over the videogame world: for the number of permanent suspensions it has produced through infection lobbies, modding and other nefarious activities and also for the way its universal appeal has meant we’ve managed to regularly attract full lobbies for months on end. There is something indefatigable in the online gameplay that means when playing within the community, such terrific comedy can still be gleaned from the most unlikely of kills. I shall miss standing guard next to Laura whilst she responds to a text message in the middle of a game we’re losing knowing full well that our team will pull it back to win comfortably before the timer runs out. I shall also miss standing guard next to Laura whilst she responds to a Facebook message in the middle of a game we’re losing knowing full well we have absolutely no hope of winning. I shall pine for the lilting tones of the most unusual swearing about the lag only for someone else to deploy the default catchphrase: “That’s what she said”.

But I take solace. Next week, the loosely coupled clan of #BAWZ will be unleashed into a new online realm, one which should last long enough to reach the November deadline for a game that in a recent podcast, I was thoroughly scorned for admitting I was looking forward to – Modern Warfare 3. With such fond memories, I can hardly say I’m not looking forward to more of the same.






8 responses to “Farewell to Black Ops”

  1. Higgeh avatar

    Black ops will be missed but the #BAWZ will continue to grow

  2. Another Tony avatar
    Another Tony

    Have never played a shooter online in my life! Are they really worth playing? Just seems to me that its time that could be spent on a campaign for another game.

  3. Ironredboy II avatar
    Ironredboy II

    Maybe farewell to RU game nights, but MP will live on for a while yet. The lobbies in Call Of Duty 2 and 3 still attract players and I suspect will do for some time (until Activision turn off the servers).

  4. Mark P avatar

    BAWZ within, BAWZ without.

  5. Barry avatar

    I wish that I could have been there for the last Thursday Night Blops, but my new job on the other side of London sees me having 13 hour days and barely any time to myself midweek.

    I’m also looking forward to MW£, it’ll bring many more laughs online with you guys 🙂

  6. Anthony avatar

    We will shift from game to game as we always have done. I’m sure after the third week of MW3, BlOps will be but a dull memory.

  7. Mark P avatar

    I honestly can’t tell if Barry typing MW3 as “MW£” was a typo or not, it seems so appropriate!

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