Win swish gaming tees with 604Republic!

Hey you! Yeah, the one with the face! You like videogames, right? You wear clothes too, right? Well, have you ever considered combining these two past-times? I know – try not to blow your mind too much. Chances are you already have a few at your disposal. Well, wearing them for two days in a row on weekly rotation hasn’t done them much good. Maybe they’re wearing a bit thin by now. Those holes really aren’t as stylish as you might think. Also, it can be awkward when you’re out at a gig and – shock, horror – you find out that someone else discovered they could buy Nintendo tees at HMV.

Well, luckily for you, the fine folks over at 604Republic, home of minty fresh pop culture tees, have kindly offered up three videogame tees with designs just dying for the chance to be emblazoned across your chest.

For the chance to win a T-shirts with your choice of the above three designs just answer the following question and fill out the form.

Which videogame is NOT represented on any of the above T-shirt designs?

A) Mortal Kombat
B) Mario
C) Chindōchū!! Pōru no Daibōken

Competition Closes September 28th 2011, good luck!

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    I totally went and entered this.

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