Some Games That Went Over Your Head

Gaming isn’t all about the Modern Gears of Warfare or Super Sonic World 3 you know. There are all sorts of classic masterpieces even from recent years that I’m sure you won’t have heard of. These are some of the true greats that will have passed you by in the last 10 years. Look them up if you want to broaden your horizons and better yourself. Which you should.

Guan Ma Rippenden Ho-Wah Exclusive 7

Wisely eschewing the more showy zeal of Guan Ma Rippenden Ho-Wah Exclusive 6 in favour of expanding on the strong foundation of Guan Ma Rippenden Ho-Wah Exclusive 6 Arcade Edition, Guan Ma Rippenden Ho-Wah Exclusive 7 was the first game in the series to utilise Thunder Action Response combos.

An explosive moment of Thunder Action Response in the seminal Guan Ma Rippenden Ho-Wah Exclusive 7.

Holy Blast Brush Challenge

Another timeless Japanese underground classic, inexplicably overlooked by the mainstream. This bouncy, upbeat horror title cast players in the role of a schoolgirl armed only with a hairbrush that displays ghosts when held up in front of a torch. Although its true meaning is endlessly debated on forums, few argue that the highlight of 2002 was the scene in the garden, despite, or perhaps because of, the controversy regarding what the nude mountain goat did to the hairbrush. A masterstroke, either way.


The Hidden Chair

Edgy survival horror designed and built in its entirety by one man – the guy who says “Resident Evil” and “Resident Evil Two” quite slowly and very loudly on the title screens of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. He had no prior experience of programming, so he cleverly turned this to his advantage by implementing the project through Microsoft Powerpoint, saving time and resulting in very little compromise in final quality. The twist ending kept us all guessing, as we clicked the final slide’s contents slowly into view, one-by-one. The Hidden Chair also featured some amazing use of fonts to convey growing tension.

Note the soft edge of the chosen font in this memorable early scene from The Hidden Chair.

Go Go Happy Hamish Rhythm Explosion Deluxe

A piercing deconstruction of the human condition through the medium of Kinect-enabled dance action, Go Go Happy Hamish seamlessly blended live action clips from 90s television shows with charmingly quirky graphics. It received some notable pockets of critical acclaim, but was shunned by a general public laughably more concerned with fluffy baby tigers and promises from Peter Molyneux of small boys called Milo.

Go Go Happy Hamish Deluxe. The only reason anyone should use Kinect.


Minecraft allows you to build a giant urinating penis in the sky.

Pictured: a giant urinating penis in the sky.


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    In my bid to be aware of as many games as poss, I actually had to stop myself from looking-up some of those titles. I mean ‘Minecraft’… honestly.

    Nicely done Si. ^_^

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