Win Eurogamer Expo 2011 Tickets!

Hello and welcome to this – our now-annual giveaway for tickets to the Eurogamer Expo! But before we go any further, allow me to ask you two questions:

1. Do you like videogames? (Judging by the superb website you’ve visited – you snappy dresser, you! – I’m guessing the answer is yes.)

2. Do you make – or want to make – videogames?

If the answer is yes to either of those, then by Jiminy you owe it to yourself to get head down to Earls Court, arguably London’s finest court, between the 22nd and 25th September this year.

(If you already know all about the Expo and just want to enter the competition, skip to the bottom of this article. However, should you wish to find out more in the comfort of our rather fetching website, read on young Padawan.)

Yes, this could be you in September!

If last year’s Expo is anything to go by, this year’s event looks set to be a belter, with a whole lot going on, AND the chance to hang out with a couple of the Ready Up team, but only if you’re nice and promise to grab us a cool freebie if we’re too busy… y’know, reporting and stuff.

The main draw for most is, of course, getting your clammy hands on the biggest gaming titles ahead of their release! With more games yet to be announced, confirmed headline acts this year include:

● Battlefield 3*
● Dark Souls*
● FIFA 12
● Final Fantasy XIII-2
● Guild Wars 2
● Mass Effect 3
● Need for Speed: The Run
● Ninja Gaiden 3*
● Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
● Rage*
● Ridge Racer Unbounded
● Silent Hill: Downpour*
● Star Wars: The Old Republic*
● Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Arcade cabinet)

Games marked with an asterisk (*) will or may be in the 18+ section – if you aren’t old enough to play them, or forget your ID, you’ll just have to console yourself – console, geddit! – with the plethora of other games and events awaiting your presence. On top of the bigger games listed above, you’ll be able to get to grips with awesome up-and-coming hits in the Indie Arcade, and so much more.

If you want to take your first steps into a career in the games industry, you might want to bring along a CV, or a playable demo, or maybe you’re in school or college and want to get advice on how to get into the games industry, then the Career Fair is there to scratch your itch, you ambitious go-getter, you!

Want to make games? Then prepare your questions, CVs and maybe a playable demo and ask the devs directly!

If you want to win prizes to accompany the freebies you can nab (if you get there early and are nice to the guys and girls working there), then the Challenge Zone will let you prove your worth and kick some ass in a safe, constructive manner.

For oldies like me, there shall be a Retro Arcade this year, and if you want to find out more about the games and developers that jump through hoops to make you like them, then get yourself along to the Developer Sessions.

Finally… as if all this wasn’t enough, some groups are arranging meets (including some people who are both Ready and, typically, Up) and there might even be some cosplay too.

Ready Uppers will be there, to grin and (gently) harass cool people like Capcom's Leo Tan

Quite frankly, I’ve been every year and had an absolute blast each time. With tickets currently selling like hot baked tasty things, this year’s Expo will very likely sell out… so that’s where Ready Up comes in!

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of Eurogamer Expo 2011 tickets for a date of your choice – and so long as you can make your own way there and back – here’s what you’ll need to do:

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the day of your choice just answer the question below and fill out the form.

What is the correct name of the new Silent Hill game being shown at the Expo:

A) Silent Hill: Heavy Fog

B) Silent Hill: Drizzle

C) Silent Hill: Downpour

[contact-form 7 “comp_entry_18_expo”]

Entries close on August 10th 2011 – Best of luck! For any further info, click your way to the official Eurogamer Expo site, or leave a comment below. And whether you’re the lucky winner[s?] or not, be sure to let us know you’re going via the Ready Up forum!

All photography used with kind permission from the Eurogamer Network







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