Sonic on a Horse

This was supposed to be a folk song about the ambiguous sexualities of the protagonists in Dragon Age II. The preparations had been made. It was all planned-out. I had waxed my lute and everything.

Then I saw this tweet.

Two days later I awoke on my living room floor with no memory of how I had got there. The only clues to my actions during the previous 48 hours were a pair of smouldering trainers and a media file on my hard drive.

This is that file.







2 responses to “Sonic on a Horse”

  1. John avatar

    Oh frabjous day! Another belter, well done and thank you James!

  2. Bruno (daiphoenix) avatar
    Bruno (daiphoenix)

    Amazing stuff, well done!
    (I guess they wanted Sonic to be a “reusable” hero character, like Mario, that you could put in other games and stories other than the main one… but it doesn’t always work, the most egregious example being that amorous relationship with a human girl, yup :S )

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