Do Free to Play Games Hit the Mark?

I recently bought myself a new laptop because my last one had a number of keys missing, Ubuntu installed and a failed graphics chipset. The new HP laptop isn’t anything special but it packs some punch and I wanted to play some games. The first idea that came into my head were free-to-play games. I had been looking at a selection for a while and was keen to try them so why not?

I am so out of touch with what’s going on in the free to play market. I still thought that it was just turn based browser games that gave new players a window of protection for a week before you were chewed up and spat out by the bigger players. I couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a wealth of games and genres to choose from with a few different publishers consistently pushing out top titles.

Don’t get me wrong, the graphics, sound and storylines are going to find it difficult to compete with triple A titles and the reason is obvious in that the budget isn’t there. The whole free to play model has to rely on players voluntarily putting their hands in their pockets and shelling out some hard earned cash. Monthly subscriptions or one time payments are much easier to deal with as a customer.

Allods Online

A friend and I have set out 10 free-to-play titles to work our way through and I think, as per usual, I have peaked too soon. The first on my list is Allods Online. It has just been released officially in the EU alongside the latest volume known as Astral Odyssey.

A lot of people say that this is a carbon copy of World of Warcraft but after playing it for a while I would have to disagree. Sure it’s set in a fantasy fiction world surrounded with similar quests but when you break down a lot of games to that level most of them are the same.

Take Call of Duty and The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific. Both games are first person shooters, you carry guns and kill people then complete objectives. You get my point.

Black Ops

One of the great things about Allods Online is the fact that once you level your character up you can build Astral ships and take to the skies to discover new areas and fight your enemies.

Other games I am going to try are Lord of the Rings Online, Aika, Elements of War and Champions Online. Later on this year there is a kick ass fighting MMORPG being released called Age of Wulin. As you can see I am certainly not running out of games to play and the great thing about free-to-play games is, if you don’t like one of them, just delete it and there’s no money wasted.


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