Show us your Game Rage Face!

Don’t really show me that face because it may have similarities to other faces and that could be mildly disturbing.

Only the other day I was sitting in the office with Dan and a couple of my other colleagues were discussing the cost of gaming. Not the price of consoles, peripherals, games and subscriptions but the hidden costs of high blood pressure and smashed up controllers.

Smashed Xbox 360 Controller

I think everyone has a nemesis in the form of a game. There have been a few in my past but the most recent one for me was Splosion Man. This game is nothing short of brilliant and if you haven’t played it then read the review and go from there. However, and I don’t want to put you off because every gamer’s rage levels are different, the final boss is so cheap it makes Seth from Super Street Fighter IV look like any other character.

I had been working on that boss for about three days and the thing that annoyed me was having to start again if you died. To put it another way, no checkpoints. Normally it wouldn’t bother me, however this one did. After some long gruelling game play I performed without a doubt the best Xbox 360 controller drop kick ever witnessed by mankind.

It went a little something like this. I stood up, dropped the controller, kicked it as hard as possible, controller shot across the room and instantly smashed against the wall rendering it useless. After that I had to attempt to calm down an angry wife and an upset child. Lesson learned.

Since then I have been relatively stress free when playing games. Not sure if it’s me getting older or just sick of handing out cash every time I lose my temper.

I don’t know if I am tempting fate but the question at the back of my mind is should I play the upcoming title RAGE? It looks absolutely brilliant, almost like a well polished Borderlands but it has the word ‘rage’ in the title.

How I feel playing Splosion Man

For anyone who hasn’t heard of  RAGE it’s a post apocalyptic first person shooter developed by iD Software and will be published by Bethesda. It’s not only an FPS but also an RPG with a whole lot of shooting and driving involved. The game was announced in 2007 and is due for release this year.

Initially when I saw Bethesda were involved I thought that it was going to be slightly buggy. You know, like the slightly buggy Fallout 3 titles but with iD Software at the helm I’m sure it’ll be great. I still need to be careful though so I might stack up on my Beta Blockers (no, they aren’t the beta version of the full blown Blocker) so I can keep my cool.





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  1. Mark P avatar

    ‘Splosion Man’s final boss is insanely frustrating. Having to beat the whole boss in one go is a nightmare! Kinda fitting that the game’s called ‘”Splosion Man” when it can cause you to explode with rage, really.

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