Lego Pirates of the Caribbean – Behind the scenes

Hot on the heals of Kirsten’s Lego Pirates of the Caribbean review we’re pleased to be able to share this behind the scenes video with you. TT Games’ Jonathan Smith, Rachel Bryant & Philip Ring let us know what they love about the world of ‘Pirates’ and why it’s yet another perfect fit for the virtual Lego worlds they create.


If you enjoy hearing Jonathan talk about the games he obviously loves making then you should also check out our video of Kirsten chatting to him at Hogwarts. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is out today on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DS, 3DS, Wii and PSP, we suggest you finish yer rum and swagger down to the shops to grab a copy, you’ll be humming that theme tune all weekend.

…do do dooby do do dooby do do dooby do-do…







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