The Ready Up Podcast – Episode 12

Dan Bendon, Susan Marmito and John Brown bring you Episode 12 and talk, amongst other things, about Swords, Sworcery, the English language, World of Warcraft, Pokemon and Karaoke! John is solving his Warcraft addiction by leveling up a new character (!), Susan is our resident Pokemon Gym Master (Mistress?) and gives her insight into Black vs White while Dan recounts the exploits and antics that went on during the recent Ready Up team get-together.

There’s also a beautiful new song from James GilmourDamsel in Distress – and another insight into the mind of Martin via a new musing.

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The news this episode is read by Ready Up Junior Amber.

Musing by Martin.

Theme and featured music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.

Podcast production by John Brown.






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  1. Susan avatar

    Hahaha I’ve just realised I made a totally stupid mistake. Team Plasma are the latest guys. Shame ._. (But all the teams are blending into one O_o)

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