Mad about the boy

We’ve all dated the bad boy/girl or at least had a crush on one. Been there, done that. T-shirt sadly doesn’t fit anymore. But my bad boy crush is over 15 years old now! And no it’s not Matt Bellamy. The bad boy I’m talking about is 6ft, with white blonde hair, has superhuman strength and red eyes! Not the person you would go looking for in the Lonely Hearts column. And that man is Albert Wesker! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The Duke's got nothing on me!

I encountered Wesker the same time as the rest of the world, back in 1996. I loved the actor who portrayed him in the game sequences (voice was terrible) and I loved the character. Sure, he’s Hell bent on becoming God of a new world and will kill anyone who stands in his way, but we all have our dark sides. I mean, look at Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen … ok, bad examples and no pun intended. But you have to love villains, they make games and movies worthwhile. If Joker wasn’t around, Batman would get bored. If we didn’t have Jerry, Tom would gain weight (from not running after him non-stop). And if we had no Wesker, then whose ass would Chris try and kick? Villains need some lovin’.

Anyone wanna get me this? I'll be your best friend FOREVER!!!

I have to say I do feel let down by the film adaptations of Albert Wesker. Neither actor lived up to my expectations of the character. I didn’t get goosebumps when they appeared on screen and I actually cringed when they both spoke. This wasn’t the Wesker I had fallen for. I felt let down. To be honest I would have been happy if Wesker was never featured in any of the movies, but Hollywood are hardly going to let one of the lead characters from the series not make an appearance. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if they had tracked down the guy from the original Resident Evil video and dubbed his voice!


Readers may think me mad for loving Wesker. Sure, he’s no Sephiroth or Kerrigan, but he still appeals to me. We need bad ass, take-no-crap, super baddies. Otherwise we have a world of goodie-two-shoes and no one wants that… do they? Plus I love the shades, just thinking about them gives me goosebumps. He makes Neo look like some little Cyclops emo boy. No one can pull of the long black jacket and shades look like Wesker, so stop trying! That and if anyone ever gave me any hassle, I would just let him go all mutant on their ass!

Finally, the shades gets some screen time!






3 responses to “Mad about the boy”

  1. Simon avatar

    My two favourite Wesker moments:

    1) When you’re looking at pictures in the lab at the bottom of the mansion in the first game, and you see him in one of the group pictures, with his sunglasses. Jigga whaaaaa?

    2) When you’re trying to shoot him in the cargo hold of the plane at the end of Resi 5, and he’s ghosting around and quoting Shakespeare or somesuch.

    I love me some Albert Wesker. 16 years of his hijinks now.

  2. paul avatar

    I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Jill…. except he did give her that battle suit that made her unbearably hot. He is super annoying but without him, Jill wouldnt have hissed at me, Chris wouldn’t have punched hell out a massive boulder and Sheva’s backside wouldn’t have hypnotised me. God I love Resident Evil

  3. Mark P avatar

    I totally forgot all about PUNCH THE BOULDER. Best boss fight in history, I tell you.

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