Hey Look! It’s A Car!

When you look at a car, you know instantly, it’s a car.

However, let’s look at two particular cars, one being the ever reliable Volkswagen camper. It’s been around for a while but every time you see one it’s been customised in some way. And the seats aren’t as comfortable as they used to be, but it gets you from A to B and you always know you’ve spent loads of time in it and it constantly delivers the same performance.

The other car would be the Aston Martin Vanquish. It’s fast, it’s powerful, and it’s relatively new on the scene. Everything about it is comfortable and luxurious. It looks fantastic and after driving it you never want to be out of the driving seat again. Truly a fantastic experience.

So while playing RIFT, I had A LOT of people tell me that it was just a World of Warcraft clone; that it looked the same and that they weren’t going to give it a try.

To them I say, “Yeah, but it’s an Aston Martin”.

Sure, there are similarities, as there are in 99% of the MMO’s out there on the market, but this one is about the luxuries you have while you are in the driving seat. The options available to you while playing are staggering. Every single class has the option to fulfil every single role which you would require in a raid environment, levelling is made easy with the wealth of skills available, and questions and rewards are quick and easy to understand.

We all know what’s involved in playing an MMO. Rift has everything tweaked and honed to make the player experience as good as it can be.

So if you’re in for the long drive, do you want to be chugging along in the WOW camper wagon, or hitting the RIFT highway in the luxury of an Aston Martin?

Old friend, we've had some good times, but it's time for the new guy to take over.






8 responses to “Hey Look! It’s A Car!”

  1. Mark P avatar

    It’s funny how much people were unhappy with people buying Black Ops for pretty much exactly the same reason. It could easily be argued that Black Ops is an Aston Martin and Modern Warfare 2 is a campervan.

  2. Walter avatar

    How can that be the case if both look and play exactly the same, and I mean EXACTLY.

    What your saying is that if Black Ops is an Aston Martin, then Modern Warfare 2 is also an Aston Martin.

    I think you have missed the point of this entirely Mark 🙁

  3. Tony avatar

    I have a question about MMO games, from the point of view of someone who has never played them. Why do they charge for the game itself? I would imagine that if they gave away the game for free more people might subscribe to the monthly charge and they’d make more in the long run?

    Or is this a hopelessly n00bish question?

  4. Barry avatar

    @Tony- It’s the quickest way to accumulate initial revenue, subscriptions are not a gauranteed income.

  5. Tony avatar

    Thinking about it, I suppose they need to recoup the development costs even if no-one subscribes. Seems a bit like them assuming that the game won’t make it though.

  6. Mark P avatar

    @Walter: Sure they both look and play exactly the same, but that’s most likely due to Black Ops being a sequel, is it not? What I was referring to was the tweaks and additions in Black Ops compared to Modern Warfare 2 that, in a similar vein to what you’re saying about RIFT and World of Warcraft, make it a far better experience.

  7. Tom avatar

    @Mark P
    I think in this case, sticking to the same metaphor, If Modern Warfare 2 was an Aston Martin, then Black Ops is just an Aston Martin with a few extras, like aircon, or heated seats, or better speakers. Things that, sure, do make it different, and just about better, but still the same car with the same drive.

  8. Mark P avatar

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t that pretty much the same situation with RIFT and WoW?

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