An Ode to Eyestrain; A Poem

Oh, eyestrain. How I detesteth thee.
You make it so I can’t see my TV.
The way you alter my eye’s translucence
is a pain in the bum, in the neck, a nuisance.

My world goes funny, all blurry and hazy,
My eye starts to sag and droop like it’s lazy.
I can’t seem to take in as much as I should,
Which, when it comes to playing games, is not at all good.

There’s nothing more peeving than halting CoD Blops
Because I have to apply my eye drops.
You dry up my eye, which means I can’t see,
Annoying when I want a decent K/D.

What is this… I don't even…?

My vision goes funny and my eye starts to swell
And so vanishes my ability to play well.
Or to smash cars up by playing Need for Speed.
From this optical pain, I can’t seem to be freed.

So eyestrain, to you I say this…
Please bugger off, you are taking the piss.



3 responses to “An Ode to Eyestrain; A Poem”

  1. Mark P avatar

    Took me a couple seconds to figure out how that first image was relevant. I’m pure hooked on phonics BTW.

  2. Celeste avatar

    Well I bet your mum warned you that you would go blind…

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