Episode 8: Dan Bendon, Kirsten Kearney and Anthony Pounds-Cornish get together after a short delay to wax on about DC Universe Online, Stacking, The Saboteur and much more.

Final Musing: Martin Robertson
News Headlines: Ready Up Junior Amber

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Show links:
VS Scotland Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Launch Party, Glasgow
Gamerdork’s Dorkapalooza – 9th – 10th July, 2011
Killzone 3 Ultimate Recruit E3 Competition

Theme and featured music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.

  • DeltorroElSorrow

    iPod material, I have to walk somewhere tomorrow and this will be coming in my ears.

    That doesn’t sound right.

  • Martin

    Thoroughly enjoyed that, kept me up waaay past my bedtime. My lasting memory of Podcast 8 shall be “jobbie monster”!

  • DeltorroElSorrow

    Bloody long podcast guys, I’ve not even finished listening.

    I’m with Foxus, Event Horizon (while being a brilliant film) scared me silly. I don’t find Dead Space scary though.

  • Leon Cox

    Aw, thanks for plugging Dorkapalooza guys! x

  • @DeltorroElSorrow I did think it was an excellent movie, I’d watch it again if I thought I could afford the cleaning bill.