The Back Catalogue Blues

January, a bleak depressing month of no games. If you haven’t been blessed by gamer-friendly presents chances are you too are used to sitting around twiddling your thumbs due to the lack of decent releases before Easter. I watch miserably as others play multiplayer games that don’t interest me and trade in my games only to leave the store with… credit. But not this time! Instead of having to rediscover that my TV does, in fact, show channels other than HDMI 1, this year I have a plan.

Unless you hid from the world so successfully that you avoided all games from the last year, you’ll know that it was possibly the best year for new releases… ever. With Bayonetta seductively leaping into our consoles on January 8th, a cataclysm of games engulfed us, right up till Gran Turismo 5 in December. In fact, with so many good games pouring out, I don’t know anyone who successfully managed to keep up (especially those of us with a penchant for RPGs, who

I <3 you, Bayonetta

had to navigate our time carefully for Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII AND Fable III!). Sure, we all started with good intentions to fly through the games and trade them so launch day goodies could be had but realistically it just wasn’t possible. Games were bought and left in their cellophane, a shameful sight indeed and we started to slowly drown in games as we realised that not only was the quantity huge, but also the quality. A quick run through and trade just wouldn’t do half of the year’s releases justice… so we put it aside for when we have time. The pile of games that I put aside just grew and grew until I reached the ridiculous conclusion to stop buying games. Not all games, that would be crazy, but only XBLA’s and the real crème de la crème.

So here we are in January and there’s nothing to tempt me ’til Lego Star Wars III (again, this does exclude XBLA’s. I’m such a damn addict!) This time round, however, it’s really a blessing. With some time to breathe before the games start to bury me in an avalanche again, I have time to reflect on the old games I never had time to finish. Shall I kick some angel butt as Bayonetta? Shall I return to the Mass Effect series? Will I finally play Red Dead Redemption? Will I be the queen of Kinect? The options really are endless. With such a fantastic collection of games in the house, I don’t even need to spend a penny. In fact, I would even be happy if the first half of the year was slow for releases. After all, there are promises of Deus Ex, Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in the second half of the year and I want to give them the attention they deserve… wow, those are more life-eating games… I better get started! I’m coming Shepard!

I promise I'll play you more






5 responses to “The Back Catalogue Blues”

  1. Christomad avatar

    I have a back catalogue of unplayed games dating back a good ten years, and then there’s the games that I missed out on by never buying. I’m a terrible gamer 😛

  2. Simon avatar

    I totally agree. It’s been impossible to keep up. Mass Effect 2 has been in it’s wrapping on my shelf for 11 months.

  3. TimG13 avatar

    This is something which will likely be a theme for the next 12 months, again. I got so annoyed with waiting that I pushed Mass Effect 2 to the front of the queue last October, and 3 weeks with 30 hours of play later I had just finished one of the best gaming experiences of my gaming life, and I recommend anyone in the same boat to do the same.

  4. Darach avatar

    I am so in the same boat. So far, my January has seen me playing Mass Effect 1 & 2, Project Gotham Racing 4, Dark Sector and Kinect Adventures. Next stop, Street Fighter IV and SoulCalibur IV.
    Having no new games is great! 🙂

  5. Lauren avatar

    Glad to see some Shepherd love ^^
    Im terrible with games, specially with RPGs. Problem is when I havent played a game for so long I refuse to start afresh and then have no idea what I was doing >.<

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