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I love playing God … Yes, you did read that correctly. And that is why I love playing The Sims series. I can have a mansion, my own business, be a crazy cat lady or even an astronaut! Okay, I guess all those things are achievable in real life, but the time, money and effort is too much. So doing all of that and more in pixel form is a lot easier and cheaper! Oh, and I have chosen to write about The Sims because I’ve just purchased the game for my Xbox 360. As if the PC and DS versions are not enough for me!

I … honestly have no idea … what …

The Sims first appeared on our PC screens back in 2000 from developer Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It has become one of the best selling gaming franchises in the world and has been released over all consoles from the original Xbox to Nintendo 3DS. It’s also available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Sims is a difficult game to get away from! And when you do get playing, you can’t stop. The long nights I spent on Sims University making sure my Sim graduated, whilst my own university work suffered badly, were terrible. Plus, if someone makes me angry, I create them in Sim form and rule them like an evil tyrant! Mwahahahahahaha … oh come on! You all do it, don’t deny it. I’ve seen you drown your old boss.

Sigh, just like real life!

For those who are reading this and saying “Whatcha’ talking about Lauren?”, well let me explain. The Sims is a life simulation game where you create a Sim from scratch and decide their life until they die. So you can create a whole family, a married couple or even a loner little Sim thrown into life to find themselves, etc. So you can chose a home, buy the furniture, get a job, have babies, grow old and die. Or if you don’t want to be creative you can chose one of the pre-created families on the game. But where’s the fun in that? I strongly suggest giving The Sims a go. It’s fun, silly, addictive and so random sometimes. And no game is ever the same twice, the possibilities are endless. But chances are, with The Sims being out for 10 years now and still going strong,  you may have already experienced the pixel wonders of meeting Death and bargaining with him for your loved one. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and become a famous musician before I have my tea!

Hardcore or just plain silly?






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  1. Simon avatar

    I do love me some Sims. Great games.

    Also, I now want to be a crazy cat lady astronaut. Got to be a web-comic in that, surely?

  2. nicole avatar

    i love this game but i cant play it how do i play it.

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