FYI: I Don’t Do Scary

I have never been the type of person who would sit in a darkened room, turn the television up full volume and watch a scary movie all on my lonesome. In fact, I would rather sit and watch a soppy Disney movie with my family. The same can be said for gaming. Glancing over at my collection I can’t see many games that are intended to cause a fright and the majority of my games are either FPSs like Call of Duty or intended for children or early teens such as The Ghostbusters. It’s very rare that a video game tagged with the words ‘survival’ and/or ‘horror’ will ever make it past my front door, unless of course I’m with company and even then they have to be ruddy brilliant company.

It was this Christmas that I decided to sit down and play the new Dead Space 2 demo and for me to even think about doing such a task was strange, though I put it down to a soiled piece of turkey from our Christmas meal. Firing up the demo from the dashboard I soon realised what I was getting myself into and that needing clean pants was inevitable in the next 15 minutes. I had barely trudged halfway through Dead Space before I quickly searched for a save point, saved and removed the disk from the tray. Since that very day I have yet to go back and play what is left of that marvellous (so I’ve heard) game.

Yes Issac, I know how helpless you feel…

Anywho, starting the demo I started to casually jog around my new playground, blissfully unaware of what lay ahead (my recent trip to Eurogamer earlier in the year had me wandering over to the Dead Space 2 section, it was here that I watched others play the demo but it is only now that I wished I had taken more notice). I was finally playing it myself and already I had a sweat forming on my brow, pathetic I know. Twenty seconds in and I jumped from the floor in a flurry, five minutes in and I rocked back and forth as a group of Necromorphs chased after me, and ten minutes in I was mauled by mutant babies… oh the HELL! You will be happy to know that I managed to finish the demo in its entirety, on my own and with the lights out. I was rather proud of what I had accomplished, but I doubt I will be playing anything of a similar nature anytime soon.

I don’t do scary, but I try my best. Just so you know…






5 responses to “FYI: I Don’t Do Scary”

  1. Celeste avatar

    Noted! Nice read. 🙂

  2. Darach avatar

    Occasionally, I still have nightmares from playing a game more than five years ago.
    From this experience, I can offer the following advice to anyone who might care to preserve their sanity:- Stay Away From PUYO-POP!
    They’re EVIL! EE-VIL I tell you!


  3. Mark P avatar

    I remember getting scared playing Rayman 2. Those robo-pirates were freaky-lookin’!

  4. Deltorroelsorrow avatar

    Dead Space aint scary!

    Give F.E.A.R a go!

  5. Simon avatar

    Seconded. There was one bit in the whole of Dead Space that made me jump – no prizes for guessing which bit.

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