BlazBlue: Continuum Shift + Competition!

One of the most original fighting games to come out in recent times, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has completely blown us away. We were lucky enough to grab some time with the game’s designer Toshimichi Mori and find out more about Continuum Shift, the games style and a little more about the BlazBlue characters. The art work and exquisite anime style of BlazBlue for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has gained much attention among both fighting  and anime fans so we’re pleased to announce that we are running a competition to win a copy of the game on Xbox 360, three concept art prints, a BlazBlue manga and a BlazBlue sexy manga calendar all featuring Toshimichi Mori’s own handiwork.

Dan: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, firstly I’d like to congratulate you and your team on BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, a great game, exquisitely presented. How do you feel the game has been received?

Toshimichi Mori: It’s been 4 years since I started the BlazBlue project. I must admit was worried at the beginning but thankfully BlazBlue has been a great achievement for us with a large number of project staff and huge support from fans worldwide. I would like to thank everyone for trying and enjoying BlazBlue! A game cannot be established by just one man – but by thousands of people’s help. I promise not to forget that, and I will strive to continue creating great games.

Dan: Despite having played fighting games all my life I found Calamity Trigger very hard to pick up but the Continuum Shift package has a heavy focus on accessibility for new players, how important was to you?

TM: This was one of the objectives that we planned for BBCS. I really want BlazBlue to be loved by players who love the storyline, love the characters and the universe – not just the traditional, technical elements normally associated with fighting games. When the BBCT project went ahead we delivered “BlazBlue the Fighting Game” and as a result many users reported that they felt it’s too confusing or too difficult to play. Obviously, this is something that we really didn’t want to happen, so when BBCS project started we decided the first objective had to be “BlazBlue The Fighting Game For Everyone”. So we added “Beginner mode” and “Tutorial mode” and offered a “Challenge Mode” so that players could better understand the process of executing combos. Thankfully, these added features seem to have been very well received by players and critics!

Dan: BlazBlue is unique in its genre with all characters having their own game system to complement their moves. Which character-specific system is your favorite?

TM: Well, I suppose it must be Hakumen, but then I’m biased as I came up with the character and design back when I was still in school – so Hakumen is a character very close to my heart.

Dan: As a Street Fighter player I initially played as Jin as he felt familiar to what I already knew but I have now switched to Litchi and am really enjoying her play-style, do you have a killer tips to improve my game with Litchi?

TM: I’m glad you said that because that is how I originally designed Jin – a typical fighting game character. If you are familiar with any fighting games then you can play Jin easily and comfortably. In a game where the characters are so diverse, I felt this was important.
Litchi on the other hand is a character for advanced fighters – the idea behind her is to give players a character that is hard to pick up, but rewarding to stick with, to spend time with. My advice is to practice combos again and again to eliminate mistakes, that way, when an opportunity presents itself for you to punish opponents, you can do so without missing your chance! This is the most important bit.

Dan: BlazBlue is very popular with the cosplay community, it must be amazing to see people take your creations and make them real, is it something you follow and enjoy?

TM: I don’t want to say it loud but I really like cosplay – not to do it but just to look!
It’s is a bit strange to see people doing cosplay as characters you have created, yes – but very flattering also. As I said before, I wanted BlazBlue to be very versatile to be enjoyable by a range of people – there are lots of female fans of BlazBlue, which is unusual for a fighting game. I’m very happy that those cosplayers chose BlazBlue characters.

Dan: As well as cosplay, BlazBlue’s art style lends itself to the worlds of manga and anime. Was this the inspiration behind the story mode in Continuum Shift?

TM: Yes, very much so. I love Manga, Anime and I also really love Sci-Fi movies.
Many of my inspirations come from those forms of media – one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies is “Blade Runner by Ridley Scott” for example. I also love “Trigun by Yoshihiro Nightow” – that has also been a big part of my inspirations, too.

Dan: Speaking of the story mode, why is Jin so angry at everyone?

TM: Jin is angry with someone who’s blocking him to reach Ragna – you’ll have to play more of Story mode to find out why!

Dan: So far we have seen Makoto and Valkenhayn released as DLC fighters with the super cute Platinum announced for release this year. Are there plans for any more downloadable content beyond these three?

TM: We have not planned any more for now.

Dan: So, what’s next for Arc System Works?

TM: I’m still completely focused on working on BlazBlue – and will need a lot of support from fans in order to complete it, so please stay with us for that.

Dan: Thanks again for your time. Do you have anything to say to gamers who are reading this but have yet to venture into the world of BlazBlue?

TM: Please, do not be afraid to try BlazBlue! Those brave enough to pick up and play always enjoy it!

To enter our competition to win a copy of the game on Xbox 360, manga, calender and concept artwork just answer the question below using the form provided.

When did Toshimichi Mori come up with the design for Hakumen?

a) A year ago.

b) When he was still in school.

c) New years eve, 1999.

Good luck! – Closing date: January 14th

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