The X-Factor

We live in a world that needs heroes, so thank the multiverse that in early 2011, Capcom will release the long awaited Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Since the game’s announcement, Capcom has been in full tease mode, trickling out announcements and questionable silhouettes, leaving fans like myself speculating, hoping and debating the cast for fighters that will be left to decide The Fate of Two Worlds.

Capcom has officially announced about 30 fighters so far with rumours abound for at least a few more. Having now had some hands-on time with the game and despite having made and remade my perfect team choice over and over I got to wondering. What if I had chosen the Marvel cast? Given a free rein who would make the cut? How would their powers translate to gameplay?

It’s X-Factor time! (Warning: This might get geeky)…

Name: Blink

Powers: Spatial Displacement using ‘Blink Portals’ & ‘Javelins’.

Play Style: Fast close combat using javelins as projectiles and portals to defensively teleport herself and offensively teleport her opponent to cause falling and impact damage.

Potential Special Moves: Use Blink portals to jump around the screen. Thrown javelins trap her opponent in a portal.

Potential Hyper Combo: Multiple portals teleport her opponent all around the screen while she follows punching and kicking them through each one in turn.

Name: Chamber

Powers: Psionic Biokinesis. Psionic blasts and flames created by the endless psionic energy generated inside his body.

Play Style: Long range psionic projectile attacks, fire based trap moves and flame augmented melee attacks.

Potential Special Moves: Psionic projectile that can be controlled by the player once launched.

Potential Hyper Combo: Chamber grabs his opponent with one hand and with the other pulls down the scarf covering the cavity in his upper body unleashing a huge torrent of psionic damage.

Name: Longshot

Powers: Probability Field Manipulation. Manifests as Longshot seeming to be very lucky but only functions when not acting for selfish of evil reasons.

Play Style: Very high priority attacks. Super meter builds very quickly but any wasted special moves that miss will drain his meter considerably.

Potential Special Moves: Teleport style move that causes Longshot to step into or out of the playing field to avoid an attack.

Potential Hyper Combo: During play, Longshot’s eye will flash every 20 seconds, a level 3 super triggered during this short flash will remove a random opposing team member from play. Can only be used while X-Factor is on.

Name: Magik

Powers: Sorcery, Mystical Armor & Soul Sword

Play Style: Mid and short range sword attacks, teleportation and ability to switch form for faster/stronger attacks.

Potential Special Moves: Can summon dark magic to change to her Darkchylde form; in this form her attacks are faster and cause more damage but slowly drains her life.

Potential Hyper Combo: Magik transports her opponent to Limbo where she can control reality. She beats the craps out of them using any number of means that she can conjure; this is controlled by mashing different attack buttons.

Name: Franklin Richards

Powers: Latent reality manipulation. The ability to manipulate reality itself. Practically omnipotent reality warping powers on a potentially infinite level.

Play Style: Has the strength and speed to be expected of the 5 year child that he is. Very low damage & health. Tagging in Franklin resets your teams super meter leaving him to fill it himself.

Potential Special Moves: Minor reality warp, changes the toy that Franklin is holding, builds his super meter.

Potential Hyper Combo: Franklin has a single level 5 super; reality is warped to such a degree that all remaining team members on both sides cease to exist. Game over, Franklin wins. If performed online this will also power off the opponent’s console.

So there you have it, some are a little overpowered, perhaps, but that’s the way it in is my world. Full preview of the actual Marvel Vs Capcom 3 coming soon, true believers!







8 responses to “The X-Factor”

  1. Mike avatar

    Moon Knight and The Punisher.
    That’s all I’m saying.

  2. Celeste avatar

    I like Magik. Her hips alone could blind men.

  3. Lauren avatar

    Nothing wrong with being bit geeky lol. Magik is a fav already 😉

  4. Mark P avatar

    Where’s the Sentry? The power of a million exploding suns isn’t overpowered in the slightest.

  5. GraeXZ avatar

    I agree with Mike, we need some Moon Knight up in this game!

  6. Optimus Pints avatar
    Optimus Pints

    I think this would make a very awesome forum post, If someone set up a thread it would be cool to see what people would come up with, My three would be

    Dr Strange, might as well because Shuma Gorath and Dormannu are already in it And he could have some hypothetical trippy hypers and specials

    for the other two someone would have to make said thread on forums ;P

  7. WTF avatar

    Your list is a bit too “outdated” for it to even happens .

    Most chars listed so far are actually featured in recent events

  8. Bird avatar

    Someone is an Exiles fan. Don’t worry, there are some of us left. I was still holding out for Mimic and Morph myself. Very creative, not very realistic.

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