Gaming With Crimbo Trimmings

By the time this blog has made its way onto your screen, I’m sure we will have all unwrapped our pressies, got our ugly Christmas jumper on will be tucking into mince pies. Christmas is of course about religion, Crimbo TV and spending time with family but more importantly, it’s about the presents! And the best present? No, not peace and joy, but that would be nice. Nope, not that kiss under the mistletoe either. I’m talking about games! Be it solo or group, gaming at Christmas can be so much fun, but it also brings pain and grief. I’ve already got my DS and PSP fully charged for when the relatives come knocking at the door, but hope to get the old Wii hooked up for some drunken shenanigans. Let’s face it, seeing Mum work her magic on Wii Sports is better than watching the Eastenders Christmas special.

This dude is enjoying that jumper too much …

I myself will be on multiplayers mainly trying to beef-up my gamerscore with online achievements. My weapons of choice are Halo: Reach, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. I hope many gamers will be online during the festive period because most people are off work and will be on maybe later in the evening after spending the day with family and friends. World of Warcraft will be busy I can imagine, galloping reindeer and the odd Blood Elf Father Christmas will perhaps be on the menu as will some festive quests with some seasonal rewards.

Santa's little helper.

Also this is a cracking time to maybe shift some of those Christmas pounds with the help of the Wii and Kinect with games such as EA Sports Active 2, Dance Central, Wii and Kincet Sports. Just don’t start getting your groove on with a full stomach, never a good thing. Yes, ’tis the season to be jolly but also make sure you have some back-up batteries and extra control pads at hand because you never know who may pop in and want a bash on Halo: Reach with you!

Wouldn't it be safer to put the baby down?

And not forgetting! I wish all the wonderful staff at Ready Up and all our amazing community a good Christmas and a fabulous gaming New Year!







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  1. Celeste avatar

    I think that first pic may just be the best pic I have ever seen.

  2. Mark P avatar

    Agreed. I’m going to make that face any time I try on something someone has bought my as a gift.

  3. optimus pints avatar
    optimus pints

    thank you for your present, it’s amazing to have a baby sgt frog sat staring at you as you try to command and conquer on my shiny new pc!

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